January 23, 2018

Fats: Science, Phobia and Fanaticism?

Fats: Science, Phobia and Fanaticism?Happy Tuesday!

I hope you’re enjoying life, and not getting confused about what fats you should eat, shouldn’t eat, or what fats will enlarge your penis, shape your breasts, and put lots of money in some slick marketer’s bank account in the name of “science.”

Fats and diet do NOT need to be complicated issues. Unfortunately, they have become that way largely because people believe what is written on paper above and beyond their own experience of what happens when they follow such advice.

We need only look at the seemingly endless diet craze that has had a death grip on people and their wallets, particularly since World War II (that’s another story I don’t have time to get into today!).

If you simply watch what happens when people start diets, some things may improve for a while, while other things often don’t improve, or get worse. Then, they’re off to the next diet for more of the same… ad infinitum.

Essentially, such approaches are a very SLOW form of applying the basic principles of metabolic typing or individualized eating. My point here is that the same can be said of fats these days.

FATS: Science, Phobia and Fanaticism?

Having been in the holistic health, corrective and high-performance exercise game for 32 years, you can probably imagine all of the fads and “crazes” I’ve seen, not to mention all of the “scientific facts and absolute truths” I’ve seen be overturned by — wait for it — science itself.

In this week’s vlog, I share some important truths about science. One of the most important is treating science like a double-edged sword. Science must be interpreted and used very carefully because, like that sword, it cuts both ways.

The fact is, all the science in the world will never replace or improve on what each of us can gain simply by being aware and paying attention.

Today, I share a small sample of what I offer in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, and my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) programs.

To be very clear, my aim is not to say that science, or this fat or that fat is superior. It is simply to bring to light the elusive obvious, sometimes referred to as that rare commodity called common sense.

If you haven’t studied my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, it contains some very essential, basic information on how to create your own healthy living philosophy. The 4 Doctors information creates a lovely vehicle to carry the information I share in How to Eat Move and Be Healthy! and HLC 1 training for the rest of your amazing life!

(If you want to dig deeper into your own distinctive diet, consider taking my Master Class that will show you How to Identify Your Primal Pattern® Diet.)

I share other resources for you in this week’s vlog too. I hope you enjoy learning about fats Paul Chek style, which is slightly different, but hopefully as fun as dancing “Gangnam” style.


Love and chi,