September 29, 2022

Driven or Possessed With Doug Brackman and Meg Terwilliger

Happy Friday!

It’s very easy for me to tell the difference between being driven or possessed…

There’s a fine line between pushing your mind, your body and your talents as far as you can take them toward an ultimate goal (being driven) and losing your connection with the people, places and things that got you there (being possessed).

I’ve worked with many athletes who were so focused on idolizing results — merely the number on a scoreboard — that they were willing chuck everything out of the way to achieve them.

Driven or Possessed With Doug Brackman and Meg Terwilliger

Yet, athletes remain clueless about why they don’t have good relationships with their families and why those numbers and adoration they crave to achieve are much like a Mexican finger trap. The harder you pull on it, the more you’re stuck.

How do you get past the numbers and the glory so you stop being so possessed and connect with what’s meaningful to you?

This week’s blog/vlog describes that dividing line between being possessed or driven with psychologist Doug Brackman and former elite athlete Meg Terwilliger.


If you’re unsure about how driven (or possessed) you really are, take a free test at Doug and Meg’s Driven website and check out Doug’s book, Driven: Understanding and Harnessing the Genetic Gifts Shared by Entrepreneurs, Navy Seals, Pro Athletes and Maybe You.

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