April 17, 2013

Core Values (Pt. 3) & Bee Panacea!

Happy Healthy Morning to ALL!

I’ve learned that Core Values are codes of conduct we choose to live by. Core values may be considered as both ethics and/or morals depending on weather or not your core value is or isn’t life affirmative.

For example, having a core value that you start your day with a cup of coffee when you are aware that coffee is contributing to your adrenal exhaustion and related health challenges would not be life affirmative. Therefore, it would be an ethic you practice each morning, but relative to your authentic needs, the morning coffee would not be moral.

In the second edition of this series on Core Values, I shared the Ten Components of a Dream or Legacy.

I then showed how each key component could be used as a guide to developing core values that are dream affirmative.

We also explored the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to have effective core values without a clearly stated dream. This is because your core values are specifically designed to help create a living code of conduct that facilitates the creation and experience of your dreams.

Your core values will aid you in determining when to say “yes”, or “no” in relationships to persons, places and things.

Today, I’m going to share an example of one of my own Core Values as a means of showing what a core value looks like, and how to use it effectively.

To begin that process, let’s explore my personal Core Values around the use of foods and medicines:

“I choose to eat the highest quality Biodynamic and/or certified organic foods I can at all times.

I seek the most nutritious, vital foods with the least environmental toxicity and the least possible amount of additives from processing to fuel the creation of my life and dreams.”

I use food as medicine before I ever utilize any medical concentrates or synthesized isolates. I seek to balance myself by being aware of what my body needs. I facilitate my own healing by providing the healer within optimal hydration and nutrition. If I use any form of commercial medicine, it is only after being sure I cannot balance myself through minimally invasive, natural, holistic means.”

This gives you an example of how a core value is written. This is my actual core value for choosing foods and medicines.

It is with the knowledge of my core value in this regard, that I share Virgin Raw “Bee Panacea” with you.

Bee Panacea

Bee Panacea is an amazing food-source product that is 100% congruent with my personal core values. It is so amazingly nutritious and energetically balanced that within minutes of trying it the first time.

I was compelled to track down the raw sisters, Monika Kozdrowiecka and Gosia Reed, the formulator/inventor of the product to ask how I could make it available to everyone I can possibly share it with!

Today I’m very excited to share this excellent product that is totally supportive of my core values.

What is Bee Panacea?

Virgin Raw Bee Panacea combines all the components of bee products (raw honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly), as well as select algaes, herbs, botanicals, probiotics and other ingredients to form one of the most nutritious and effective super food combo that I’ve known.

It is one of the richest, most complete foods in nature and contains a wide variety of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and amino acids.

Here’s what Bee Panacea will do for you…

You will feel more energetic throughout the day without the use of stimulants. You will notice a deep sense of contentment and feel more centered. You won’t tire as easily. Your senses will heighten. Your memory will improve. You’ll experience more power, strength and stamina. It will be like you’ve become a younger more energetic you.

By living my teachings on Dr. Happiness, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Diet with the addition of Bee Panacea, you CAN turn the aging-process around by 180 degrees.

Your spouse, friends and colleagues will start asking questions. They will make comments and wonder what new diet you’re on and you’ll know exactly what it is.

Virgin Raw Bee Panacea Is Proof That Nature Makes Perfect Food!

The Chinese have used Bee Pollen for centuries to assist with increasing energy and libido, fighting acne, aiding in indigestion, assisting depression and helping to improve blood pressure.

To be totally honest with you, I’ve tried a wide variety of bee pollen products and royal jellies with no significant, perceptible benefits; at least not enough to get me to buy more and use it regularly.

But, when I tried Gosia’s Bee Panacea I got immediate, definite, tangible improvements in the following areas:

A. I became calmer, in seconds.

B. I felt a very balanced, soothing energy emission from the product. I found that Bee Panacea has an incredible ability to cool and sooth (yin) a hot, fast-paced (yang) rhythm created by a busy day when taken in the evening.

Amazingly, when I use it in the morning, I get a lovely (yang) lift, much like people seek with coffee and teas, but without any adrenal stress or unwanted buzz or side effects!

It appears to me that the Bee Panacea gives the body the essential nutrients to effectively self-regulate. Very rare quality in a food-based medicinal supplement!

C. I didn’t get any blood sugar high, even when I purposely ate more than suggested. This shows me that Bee Panacea is a safe, effective, nutritious replacement for commercial sugars and will be excellent for healing sugar addictions!

D. My mind was calm, clear and open.

E. When I’m under a lot of pressure at work to meet deadlines, I find Bee Panacea gives me the kind of energy support I once got from a good organic espresso, but without any negative drying or over-stimulating effects.

F. My wife Penny likes the taste of Bee Panacea! That’s one of my most challenging tests for any natural medicine to pass. If I love something, I naturally want to share it with the people I love.

Penny’s got a very sensitive palate and can only take tiny doses of most concentrates because she’s so sensitive. If Penny likes something, that’s an amazing testament to “great taste”. Bee Panacea passed the “Penny Test” with flying colors!

The list of possible benefits of this wonderful nutritious substance is growing after years of research and studies are verifying what nature has always known. Bee Panacea contains these organic sourced, high quality ingredients: – BEE PROPOLIS – MACA (LIPIDIUM MEYENII) – ROYAL JELLY – CHLORELLA – SPIRULINA – GINSENG – PROBIOTICS – HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTALS

If you want to learn more about the excellent benefits of these ingredients, feel free to click this link and read more: https://www.VirginRaw.com/salesoffer?AFFID=118062

You can’t go wrong with this product, I can assure you that from my own personal experience so buy some and enjoy getting your energy, vitality and nutrition boosted daily with no negative side effects!

I’m not the only one having this experience with Bee Panacea either. Here’s a quote from the famous Dr. Oz: Bee pollen is often referred to as “nature’s most perfect food” because it is a complete protein (typically containing 10 to 35 percent total protein) in that it contains all eight essential amino acids. Bee pollen also provides B vitamins, vitamin C, carotenes, minerals, DNA and RNA, numerous flavonoid molecules, and plant hormones..”

Dr Oz, my students and readers, enjoy creating and living your core values today.

Don’t forget to order some Bee Panacea! Click Here: https://www.VirginRaw.com/salesoffer?AFFID=118062 You will be loved by everyone in the house!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

Zen in the Garden Workshop - May 25, 2013