June 9, 2022

Astrology is Never at Fault With Ernst Wilhelm

Astrology is Never at FaultHappy Thursday everyone!

The number one thing skeptics are more than happy to remind us ALL THE TIME against astrology is its uneven track record…

One day, we can consult with an astrologer and the experience will be profound, yet at another time, the experience can be flat, dull and not nearly so inviting, illuminating or even accurate.

Is it the practice of astrology or something else?

When I asked noted Vedic Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm about the validity of astrology recently on my Living 4D podcast, his answer was as simple yet every bit as deep as I expected.

“The blanket statement I use: Astrology is never at fault. It’s always the astrologer who makes the mistakes.”

This very direct explanation is the theme for this latest Living 4D blog/vlog excerpt in which Ernst and I discuss the substance of astrology, including predictions that sound inaccurate on the surface that turn out later to be exactly what that person really needed at that precise time.

Love and chi,