August 11, 2022

An Inability To Be Alone With Greg Schmaus

What is the first telltale sign that you have mental health challenges you need to address?

During our recent Living 4D conversation, CHEK Professional Greg Schmaus reminded me about one of the five Shamanic questions I ask my clients when I meet with them for the first time, and it may be the most important one too…

Can you be alone?

An Inability To Be Alone With Greg Schmaus

If you’re not equipped to be alone, you’re probably running away from a mental health problem. Also, if you have to spend lots of time alone, all of that single time creates high amounts of stress within you.

What’s more, the hypervigilant energy you expend avoiding being alone forces you into repeating patterns that open the door for a boatload of other mental health challenges (anxiety, ADHD, OCD), not to mention self-sabotage.

Does this problem sound vaguely familiar?

This week’s blog/vlog is an important excerpt from my latest Living 4D conversation with Greg in which we delve into the mental health crisis harming minds all over the planet, the warning signs that people can recognize when they’re dealing with a challenge of their own and some simple steps you can take to create more wholeness and good health in your life.

Love and chi,


P.S. If you need urgent help with a mental health challenge, I strongly recommend seeking out a CHEK Professional closest to you by using our CHEK Connect website.