February 10, 2022

Accessing The Feminine Side with Chris Duffin

Happy Thursday!

A lot of people have a tough time accessing their feminine sides and, surprisingly, even women do too! (I’ve worked many elite female athletes who have a lot of challenges because they’re so heavily masculinized.)

We’re so focused on the do-do-do of things that we really forget the need for balance. If you can’t tap into the feminine side, you don’t possess the ability to know when to ease up or speed up when you really need to.

For any athlete, from a basketball player to a race car driver, it takes great skill plus an intimate knowledge of your body to use your inner “brake” just enough to complete the task at hand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dunking a basketball through a hoop or making a high-speed turn on the race track either.

Accessing The Feminine Side with Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin has experienced a special kind of competition few people ever have. He will tell you in no uncertain terms that what’s enabled him to make the transition from being one of many strong guys to one of the strongest people in the world is being in touch with his emotional, feminine side.

When athletes become identified with that kind of world class skill, they have a fear of expressing anything but strength…

In this Living 4D excerpt, Chris explains why that way of thinking no longer works for him and how the expression of strong emotions associated with the feminine side have helped him achieve a successful and wonderful life on and off the mat.

If you feel inspire by the strong emotions Chris and I share in this short video, I hope you’ll listen to my complete Living 4D conversation with Chris and check out his awesome book, The Eagle and The Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention.

Love and chi,