September 14, 2022

4G vs. 5G With Dimitry Serov

4G vs. 5G With Dimitry SerovHappy Thursday!

Ever look at your cell phone and wonder about the big difference between the older 4G technology (the G stands for generation) and newer 5G technology?

Actually, the difference between the two couldn’t be greater and more harmful to our health, as Aries Tech CEO Dimitry Serov explains in this blog/vlog excerpt from our recent Living 4D conversation.

For example, 4G waves travel at speeds up to 2,800 cycles per second while 5G is more than 10 times faster at 32,000 cycles per second. But that’s not the real problem, Dimitry says.

In the days of 4G tech, cell phone carriers could spread their antennas across cities anywhere from 20-25 kilometers apart. The faster 5G waves — operating on a newer, high frequency spectrum — need a lot more help!

4G vs. 5G With Dimitry Serov

In a city like Toronto where Dimitry lives, transmitting 4G signals requires a handful of antennas (10). To connect cell phones and many other devices plus offer separate internet services at far faster speeds, however, 5G signals travel far shorter distances, necessitating antennas in the tens of thousands!

And, what does that kind of intensity do to people who are electrosensitive and more attuned to subtle energies?

Be sure to check out the research Dimitry’s Aires Tech has conducted to develop products that limit to reach of cell phone technologies.

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