March, 2012

  • Another Laid back day in Tulum

    Another Laid back day in Tulum

    Happy Friday to You! I had a lovely day yesterday in Tulum. My son and I took our time in the morning as we discussed the many challenges life brings us all. My first adventure was to add more creative […]

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  • A Fun day on the Water

    A Fun day on the Water

    Happy Thursday! Paul Jr and I had a great time yesterday. We hooked up with my friend Misty Tripoli who has a place here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Missy’s boyfriend is a snorkel tour guide here and they offered […]

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  • Rockin on the beach!

    Rockin on the beach!

    Happy Wednesday to all! Yesterday, our day started at a leisurely pace. Paul Jr slept in for a while while I was out doing tai-chi. We had some amazing papaya and left-overs for breakfast. Once we got organized, we rode […]

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  • My Day in Tulum

    My Day in Tulum

    Happy Tuesday! I finally feel like I”m finally coming down from the perpetual in-motion of my business life. It’s only taken me about a week here to feel the shift. Yesterday, I explored more of the town, riding my bike […]

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  • Greetings from Tulum

    Greetings from Tulum

    Happy Monday! Paul Jr and I have been here in Tulum, Mexico for 5 nights and 4 days. We hit the ground running when we arrived last Wednesday evening. Our first task was to get our rental car; Penny usually […]

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  • Mayan Show~N~Tell

    Mayan Show~N~Tell

    Happy Friday to Everyone! Well it is very interesting here in the land of the Maya. Its very third world and it is sad to see that many of the bad habits of the western materialistic culture is being watered […]

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