March 27, 2012

My Day in Tulum

Happy Tuesday!

I finally feel like I”m finally coming down from the perpetual in-motion of my business life. It’s only taken me about a week here to feel the shift.

Yesterday, I explored more of the town, riding my bike to the beach.

Here I am on the beach in Tulum. This photo is looking northward, up the beach along the Mayan Ruins.

This image is looking toward the south. The beaches look like this for miles!

They are inhabited by beautiful bodies from every part of the globe. My observation is that the people traveling here are more worldly than most, and come here to slow down and really live!

There is a lot of vibrant night-life on the beaches and dancing of all types seems popular here.

My personal taxi service, laundry line, mobile apartment, and my sun shade!

I don’t think anyone here noticed that my shirt, and shorts were both on my bike while I was taking this picture; if people eating notice me, it means the food isn’t that great!

Vidya would be proud of me. Paul Jr. and I created our own dinner by cooking our own food! It was delicious!

I started with two tablespoons of organic ghee (I brought it with me!). Then I chopped up three poblano chillies, half an onion, 6 baby portobella mushrooms, half a bundle of celery, four tomatoes (quartered), a bell pepper, about 6 oz of chicken; I added some oregano leaf and a local seasoning.

While I let that cook until it smelled irresistible, Paul Jr. fried 5 potatoes (he’d boiled the night before) in ghee until surface browned. He caramelized onions before he put the potatoes in the pan as well.

That made about 4 servings for two young men 🙂

It was good enough that Vidya would have enjoyed it and her food standards are the toughest for quality most will ever practice.

I hope you give it a try!

Bye for now. Paul Jr. And I are off to create some rock art on the beach.

I’ll share more tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek