November, 2010



    Hello Everyone, Most people’s worries center around issues like “can I make enough money to pay my bills?” – “why is my body falling apart?” – “do I still love my partner; do they still love me?”!Though these issues certainly […]

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  • Play Time!

    Play Time!

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all in well-being and enjoyed your Thanksgiving time with your loved ones! I’ve been enjoying a much-needed vacation. We decided to stay home and enjoy our beautiful space. I’ve been doing some drawing, stacking […]

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  • The Balance of Beauty

    The Balance of Beauty

    Hello! I’m enjoying my vacation very much. I’ve been doing a little video work for PPS and catching up on my reading. For my entire professional career, I’ve traveled the world visiting the best bookstores I could find, collecting great […]

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  • Who AM I?

    Who AM I?

    Happy Monday Everyone! Today, is the first day of my 2-week vacation, but I wanted to share today something that I feel is very important for everyone to know. There are enough drug prescriptions in the US alone for every […]

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  • The Moral Landscape

    The Moral Landscape

    Hello! Yesterday I conducted the third webinar of my four-part PPS L0Ve as Self-Healing Series. The topic was Conditional love; how do we effectively create conditions to rise above sex and violence loving? As you can imagine, this is a […]

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  • Love Talk

    Love Talk

    Beautiful Morning today! I hope your day is unfolding with peace and beauty in and around you! I had a very productive and fun day yesterday. I was on the phone for five hours coaching people to the best of […]

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