November, 2010

  • Moon Spirits and My Day today!

    Moon Spirits and My Day today!

    Hello Everyone, Today I thought I’d share a vision I had while meditating the other morning and what I was shown about moon spirits. Rudolf Steiner gives the most comprehensive explanation of the spiritual hierarchies in his many teachings. He […]

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  • The WAY Things Fit

    The WAY Things Fit

    What is Life, but things? Do they fit together, or do they fall? Each dependent on the all, move one, another may fall. A place for birds to come and sit, and talk to lizards as they shit. The stars […]

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  • A BIG Weekend!

    A BIG Weekend!

    Happy Monday Everyone! It was a big weekend for me, and the institute. I traveled to Los Angeles for the World Congress On Low Back Pain to give a workshop on Integrated Core Conditioning. I shared my totem pole concept […]

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  • Don’t Stop Laughing Along THE WAY

    Don’t Stop Laughing Along THE WAY

    Hello and good morning! I hope you have woken with a willingness to create and live your dreams today! I am. We are born in a state of unbiased connection to All that IS. The infant has no preconceived notions […]

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  • The Great TAO Expressed

    The Great TAO Expressed

    My Love and Life~Force to you for a beautiful day. I sit here in my beautiful office this morning, peaceful in the Grace of my own becoming. I am surrounded by my beautiful plant friends, beautiful statues and art my […]

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  • The Great TAO

    The Great TAO

    Hello To You Today! When we search for God, we search for something. Any something can only be but an idea. To know anything, you must know what it isn’t, or it can’t be known “as this – or that”. […]

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