April 15, 2021

Try Out the Alexander Technique With Eileen Troberman

Try Out the Alexander Technique With Eileen TrobermanHappy Monday everyone! It’s getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, so you know what that means…

Once the temperatures climb above 60 degrees, this is THE TIME you’ve been waiting for to be outdoors and get active, whether it’s a game of tennis or golf, swimming or maybe stack some rocks (very safely and carefully) like I do.

So many have been working from home and I bet at least some of you have slipped into some bad habits, like bad posture and putting Dr. Movement on the back burner.

When I’ve had clients come to me with bad postural habits, I’ve recommended Eileen Troberman, a master teacher and practitioner of the Alexander Technique that shows people how to relieve problems with tension, stiffness and stress.

Elieen recently joined me on my Living 4D podcast to talk about the Alexander Technique and how she discovered it while doing her laundry!

She also shared some quick and easy exercises anyone can do on their own at home to focus on more ease and less tension.

Try Out the Alexander Technique With Eileen Troberman

For this week’s blog/vlog, I wanted to share with you the first exercise Eileen demonstrated during my Living 4D podcast that will direct you to a source of your tension through a guided and gentle walking exercise.

Considering all of the miles I’ve put on this body — 60 is approaching FAST!!! — Eileen’s brief demonstration brought me some much-needed relief and relaxation.

If you want to learn more about the work Eileen does, check out her website! She conducts streaming classes too, so you don’t have to live in San Diego to work with her!

Love and chi,