June 3, 2019

Talking Open Relationships with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey Marcus

Happy Monday. Meteorological Summer started this weekend although you might not be able to tell given the May Gray and June Gloom we are experiencing here in San Diego! But the plants are loving the cooler days and the unusually late-in-the-season rain we have been getting!

So much so that when we were cutting down the weeds along the driveway here at the Heaven House, I had a visitor join me. That’s about a 5-foot long rattlesnake, to give you some perspective!

Talking Open Relationships with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey Marcus

When my Living 4D with Paul Chek podcast started getting going on all cylinders, I knew that I was going to devote an episode to the subject of open marriage and how the dynamics of having multiple partners can work in the real world.

Talking Open Relationships with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey MarcusThere are two simple questions any man or women must answer before venturing into an open relationship:

  • Can you be honest?
  • Can you share your partner with someone else?

Too many guys have come to me because they’ve heard that I have two wives — Penny and Angie — and believe I can teach them how to “cheat better.”

It just doesn’t work that way.

Many people like to dabble in open relationships in ways that feel far more like “puppy love” than anything really honest or “open.”

Talking Open Relationships with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus

Meanwhile, divorce rates are out of control, not to mention all of the shadow building that creates needless crises, emotional pain, guilt, deception and shame which ultimately leads to fatigue and disease.

I’ve seen first-hand how this deception devastates professional athletes — typically males — from within physically, emotionally and financially. I’ve watched them juggling as many as five women at one time.

You just can’t compartmentalize your life like that without things falling apart.

In last week’s Living 4D with Paul Chek episode, I talked about the realities of open marriage with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey Marcus of Onnit, two of my soul brothers traveling this same journey with me.

I so enjoyed my talk with Aubrey and Kyle that I wanted to share this really critical video segment in hopes that you’ll take the time to listen to our entire conversation.

Talking Open Relationships with Kyle Kingsbury and Aubrey Marcus

Kyle Kingsbury

First, we talk about the judgments people have about open relationships. A few people have accused me of being a “cult leader.” That’s something I’ve really failed at miserably and very happily so. I teach people to take responsibility for the decisions they make as well as to eat well, live well, love well and take care of the planet, the complete opposite of what a cult leader would want anyone to do.

As you’ll hear in this segment, I think you’ll be very surprised to learn how the roots of open relationships start much earlier, as young children see how their parents relate to each other.

If you like what you see and want to learn more, I hope you’ll listen to my entire Living 4D conversation with Aubrey and Kyle.

One more thing…

If you want to know what I think about open relationships, here’s my stock answer: Until you can ride one horse really well, it’s really dangerous to try riding two or more at a time.


Love and chi,