March 15, 2006

March 2006 New York

Here I am lecturing at East Coast Alliance (ECA) in New York. I get large audiences there and I really enjoy working for Gary Scott and his wife Carol because they encourage my honesty about the health and exercise industry and life in general! Thanks Gary and Carol!

Below, you see me and my son together. I’m doing a Shamanic Journey with a Shaman friend of mine that uses some of the same techniques used by Shamans in the rain forest. Without a long explanation, suffice to say that this was a VERY spiritual experience. It made me realize how much I love my son, my wife and my life, to say the least! I’ve done seven of these journeys in total now and the learning has been tremendous. That said, I DON’T RECOMMEND YOU DO A JOURNEY LIKE THIS UNLESS YOU ARE READY FOR IT because you will have to face up to all your hidden garbage. It is best to work with someone skilled at processing your life and making sure you are anchored in this world. The shamanic journey entails complete loss of ego, or self identity, resulting in the achievement of a “death state” and then experiencing a return state. I have essentially died and come back on four of the seven journeys. Thankfully for me, each journey has confirmed my spiritual beliefs and faiths, yet for many, such journeys can be a devastating blow because you have to see how much BS you harbor!