June 15, 2006

June 2006 Sydney

Hello from Sydney, Australia!

I’m here teaching seminars on how to use the Swiss ball, as well as how the body works. As you can see below, we had a great turnout! My work is very well received in the South Pacific and it is always exciting to see people grow spiritually, slim and tone physically, and find more joy in their lives when applying the principles I share with my life as the model. I make it my joy and my dharma to learn and grow each day and am so excited to have so many fellow travelers in the journey to “Self-Realization”.

Below, I’m visiting with two of my friends. To your far left is Aaron McKenzie. Aaron is a very successful C.H.E.K Practitioner here in Sydney and is someone that I’m VERY PROUD OF for his amazing work and progress in my PPS Success Mastery Program. You are amazing Aaron! Between Aaron and I is Donal Carr. Donal is another amazing man who is upper level management at Fitness First, a very large gym chain here in Australia. Thanks to Donal and a few other key C.H.E.K Practitioners, the C.H.E.K system is benefiting thousands of people through the Fitness First gym chain. Donal is a major force in returning the exercise community back to what it should be! THANK YOU DONAL!!!!!!!!

Below, you can see the view out the beautiful apartment I stay at in Bondi Junction, a suburb of Sydney. It is a lovely place to be because there is plenty of beautiful food, beautiful people!…and some lovely places to workout too; Bondi Platnum Fitness First is right across the street! Not to mention, there is little massage center where you can get some excellent massage from a group of Chinese massage therapists and they really do a fantastic job!Love It!

Below, you can see me working on the patio. I’m working on my new book, God – Wanted, Dead or Alive! It is such a relaxing experience to be able to see and feel the creations of the Creator as I work and express my love for All That Is.

Below, I’m giving a demonstration on how to do a more advanced version of the Prone Jackknife exercise. People in the audience really seem to appreciate an instructor that can actually do what he preaches! Funny that!

I always tell my students, if you are going to lecture on health or exercise, you should be able to do it in your underwear so everyone can see how effective your program is! Our world is full of so-called “experts” that don’t practice what they preach. This has led to a confused public and an equally confused health and exercise profession. It is one of my primary missions with my system of health and exercise to put an end to the academic illusion and restore practical truth to health and exercise. We must return to the concept that you can only give (teach) another what you are!

Well, bye for now.
I’m off to Brisbane to Clear Mountain Resort to teach Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Level II with Dr. Oliver. It is lovely there so I’ll be sure to update my blog from there or shortly thereafter so you can share that experience with me too!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek