March 24, 2022

Healthy Conflict With Mark England and Kimberly Kesting

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Why do people want to avoid conflict at all costs?

Isn’t conflict healthy and important in understanding what we want and don’t want and how we learn the difference between the two?

During this era of COVID-19 lockdowns and all sorts of governmental interference, there’s been divisions of all kinds in families, even my own.

When we can’t stay connected, however, we can never get to the other side and resolve anything. If these unresolved conflicts persist long enough, they can wound relationships beyond repair.

Healthy Conflict With Mark England and Kimberly Kesting

Having a strategy for handling conflicts is at the heart of why I wanted to share Mark England and Kimberly Kesting with you on my Living 4D podcast.

Their solution for resolving interpersonal conflicts really starts with a better understanding of the three pillars of conflict language, a critical component of their Enlifted Method that we discuss in this Living 4D podcast excerpt.


If you’re more curious about the work Mark and Kimberly are doing with their Enlifted Method coaching program (and get a discount too!), check out our complete conversation on my Living 4D website.

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