January 5, 2007

December 2006

Well, “Hello!” from lovely Vista, California.

It’s been FANTASTIC being home. I’m so use to being on the road all the time, I’ve had to get used to actually taking my clothes out of drawers and a closet instead of living out of my suit case all the time. Over the years, my stops at home have been so short that I often don’t even bother to unpack my suitcase!I just live out of it, zip it and go to the next stop! Sooo great to be home a good stretch for a change. Penny has continued putting up fixtures, curtains, etc. and we’ve collected some additional furniture (thanks to my P~P~S Success business partner and buddy Christine Perakis) who was so kind as to pass some lovely furniture to us, as she has moved onto her beautiful sailboat.

As you can see here, we also got our long awaited Danish couch

This thing is so cool. Not only does it have three separate recliners, but it is also soft and firm at the same time {sounds like Madonna!} and you can read comfortably for long periods. Trust me, I’ve tested it! The next exciting event came when Penny and I finally got the chimney sweep to come and give us the green light to use the fireplace. We had our first fire on Christmas day after living a year in our new house. It was lovely. I grew up in a house with a fireplace and have been many years without one. I personally really love fire. It’s a very spiritual force to me.

This month, we had a special meeting at the institute with many of our key instructors from around the world showing up. We are refining and revising many of the C.H.E.K programs and adding some new ones too. This photo is from the meeting where we all discussed what changes we felt we needed to make to keep the C.H.E.K Institute programs top notch and growing to meet the needs of our students.

The other day, Dr. Oliver and my buddy Drew (who runs the institute’s shipping department) came over to play some music and relax together. Since Dr. Oliver showed up just at the end of my workout, I thought I’d share one of my now favorite exercises with him (and now you!) When in England on my last trip, one of my students, Ben Brand, turned me onto this very cool exercise system called the TRX. You can attach this strap and handle system to beams, doors, trees, cars, whatever you wish and use it as an anchor system to perform a number of functional exercises. Here, I’m doing what I call a “hang-pull”, which is like a pike with an upside down chin-up. A set of 8-10 of these baby’s is some serious exercise, 6-10 sets with some Swiss ball work is a great workout!

I’m beginning January with my second P~P~S Success Mastery Lesson 1 Workshop – How To Find and Live Your Legacy right here at the institute in just a few days. Can’t wait! Love this stuff! I love sharing my knowledge of how to make life work for you! Well, Love and Chi to you all and I’ll check in next month with an update. I hope your life is fulfilling and that you are giving Prime Source every reason to be happy you were created!

~ Paul Chek