August 3, 2022

Capturing The Momentary Field With Jason Pickard

Happy Thursday!

When do you know your ego is impersonating your soul?

For me, I see this a lot with students who try to convince me that eating a bag of Oreo cookies was NOT a message from their ego!

During our recent Living 4D conversation, Jason Pickard, my best student and one of my closest friends, called it the challenge of capturing the momentary field, the subject of this week’s blog/vlog.

Our minds sift through so much information and so many experiences every moment of the day, how do we stay in contact with our soul, so we’re not fooling ourselves?

The human ego is brilliant when it comes to creating reasons to justify any kind of crap you can imagine, anything from living a lifestyle you cannot afford to eating boxes of cookies. Somehow, someway, the ego often convinces you all of it is for your own good…

The moral of this blog/vlog: Look for a practice you can work with — whether it’s consulting the Tarot or spending some time every day surrounded by nature — that helps you detach from your ego and check in with your soul to figure out what you really need…

Love and chi,