June 17, 2019

Being a Better Father With Ben Pakulski

Being a Better Father With Ben PakulskiHappy Monday everyone. I hope all of you fathers — Dads, Pops and Papas — enjoyed a great day with your kids and grandkids.

Before I talk about this week’s vlog, I wanted to remind you one more time about my annual Zen in the Garden gathering at Heaven House coming up on Saturday, June 29.

There’s still handful of spots open, and I’m very excited to share with you all of the cool things I do with rocks at Heaven House.

I’ll show you how to build a water charger that can make a huge difference in rebalancing your energies and how my rock garden does so much to keep me sharp both mentally and physically.

Now I’ve gotten the “commercial” out of the way, let’s talk about your father…

For a lot of you, Father’s Day isn’t the greatest day of the year. In fact, yesterday probably brought back many painful memories of parents and stepparents you’d sooner want to forget than remember.

The kind of abuse a parent can inflict day by day changes a child. There’s just NO WAY it can’t. And, as people age into adulthood, they have to get these extreme emotions created by parental abuse out of their systems or they die a little more (or a lot!) inside.

Being a Better Father With Ben PakulskiSo what can you do about it?

For the 90 percent who of us aren’t genetically blessed — that’s most of us — this emotional space in our hearts or lack of a bond with our parents tends to guide us to competitive places where we can fill it, like the gym, the football field or the court.

Do you know anyone whose parents never said I love you to them?

This week’s blog/vlog is an excerpt from last week’s Living 4D with Paul Chek podcast with the amazing Ben Pakulski dedicated to the emotional struggles many sons and daughters face and how they attempt to conquer them.

We also talk about what comes after dealing with the parental abuse you suffered early on when you become a parent.

What steps do you take to be a better person and parent? How do you protect your children from danger? How do you encourage them to have an honest relationship with you?

A hint: Everyone has to be part of the same team!


Love and chi,