March 1, 2021

The Great Reset: What’s REALLY Going On?

My heart goes out to Russell Brand in this recent YouTube video (shared below) for very beautifully encapsulating the Dragon behind many issues we are facing today.

Sadly, those who are not wise enough to do their own research — they just believe anything they see on the nearest screen — are almost completely unaware of what their lack of awareness is feeding, namely serious long-term dangers to humanity, nature and the health of the whole planet!

Many of you are aware that I’ve been lecturing on these issues for a very long time because keeping our soils healthy is essential to keeping the world and our bodies and minds healthy. Here’s a few of them.

  • The importance of organic farming.
  • The problems with commercial farming and food production.
  • GMOs.
  • The dangers of big corporations getting involved in government regulation.

The Great Reset

The excellent, eye-opening book, Oneness vs. the 1% by Vandana and Kartikey Shiva, gives us a very clear picture of what many billionaires all over the world are up to and how it will effect your life. (I’ve chosen the word effect for a reason.)

Many of these effects leave our planet vulnerable to disastrous consequences. You can see what already happened in places like India and Africa when such large corporations are able to get their way.

I really believe Russell Brand nailed it, beautifully encapsulating the situation in his 16-minute YouTube video.

The requirements of effective, holistic thinking

Effective, holistic thinking always requires that we look at both sides of any argument or concept, as well as what may not have been considered or addressed by either side.

Also, this demands asking ourselves if we are even asking the right questions to get the correct answers. Holistic thinking isn’t a simple either-or equation. However, it can be an either-or-fill in the blank or an either-or-and-we need better questions and investigations or we may be too smart to see our blindness.

As CHEK Professionals, we are trained to understand and master the key essentials that make life holistic. We work diligently to emulate the holism of nature and incorporate science and technology in ways that do not erode the fundamentals and essentials of wholeness while enhancing the outcomes for all involved.

For example, biohacking becomes bioharmonizing when issues of assessment and integration are grounded in fundamental truths of holism.

Because we have chosen the path of holism, CHEK Professionals are living examples of what is possible with the right mix of ancestral and modern wisdom.

Thus, we are in a very good position to help others understand the core issues Russell Brand, Vandana Shiva and other like-minded doctors such as Zach Bush, Thomas Cowan, Sherri Tenpenny and many other seasoned experts are saying from a healthy, balanced and educated perspective.

You really need to watch Russell’s video!

I highly recommend that all of you reading this blog watch and listen very closely to what Russell Brand is showing here because how well we educate ourselves and everyone we know can have a huge influence on our future, what happens to our children after we’re gone and how much stress we put on the planet.

Right now, we are walking on a planetary threshold: A tightrope between over-consumption on one side and an effective regeneration of our planet’s natural resources on the other.

Anyone who has studied at the CHEK Institute should know full well that taking more from any living system than it can regenerate is to impose a death sentence upon that system.

This time, however, it’s OUR system (Planet Earth) that includes all of us and the myriad of beings in the Great Chain of Being that support us and deserve our love, respect and protection.

The Great Reset

We have a chance RIGHT NOW to be part of a movement of awakening, awareness and positive change in the world. Remember, whenever any system is in a state of chaos, it is most susceptible to change. Knowing that, we have to be clear and unified about what positive change really is.

Globalization is the drug that promises to make things easier yet, as we all know, making things easier hasn’t really made our lives easier!

I hope you’ll watch Russell Brand sharing Vandana Shiva’s message along with his own wisdom…

Love and chi,