February 9, 2023

Nutritional Wisdom With Fred Provenza

Nutritional Wisdom With Fred ProvenzaDo you ever wonder how animals living in the wild know the difference between what’s good to eat and what’s unsafe and toxic for them?

Chalk it up to the nutritional wisdom almost all living things possess — from the bacteria inside your body to plants and wild animals — the subject of this blog/vlog, inspired by my recent Living 4D conversation with Fred Provenza, professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology at Utah State University.

For example, Mother Nature doesn’t provide wild rabbits takeout menus that spell out their choices of plants to eat throughout the day. “These animals are challenged to select diets from literally hundreds of different plant species,” Fred says.

Sometimes, depending on the time of day or the season, some plant species are highly nutritious, while others are very toxic. How do they survive?

Once you wrap your head around that, consider this question: Have humans as a species lost this innate ability to find and eat good, healthy foods on their own (without takeout menus)?



If you enjoy this excerpt from my Living 4D podcast with Fred Provenza, I highly recommend that you listen to our entire conversation where we get into how animals learn how to innovate on the fly to satisfy their hunger and survive and what you can do to protect your health by taking care of your gut.

Love and chi,