January 27, 2022

Handling Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn

Let me paint a scenario for you…

Imagine experiencing a burning sensation on your skin that flares up intensely from time to time but your doctors have told you there’s no root cause for it.

It’s likely they’ll tell you the problem is completely neurological which makes you wonder if it’s all in your head.

Here’s an alternate scenario: Could these burning sensations you’re feeling have anything to do with an experience that didn’t happen to you but someone else very close to you in your family?

This is a very real and true story of inherited family trauma shared by Mark Wolynn, a recent guest on my Living 4D podcast and the author of the awesome book It Didn’t Start With You.

Handling Family Trauma with Mark WolynnIn this Living 4D excerpt, I talk to Mark about the many ways traumatic relationships with your parents influence your health far beyond the words and feelings they share with you.

We get around to talking about my situation in my family with two very brutal father figures and how that trauma affected my relationship with Paul Jr.

Mark also describes a very simple way to start the healing process that can be very effectives, especially for those who have lost the parent from whom they had serious emotional challenges.

If you enjoy this excerpt, I hope you’ll listen to my full conversation with Mark Wolynn, one of the best and most heartfelt conversations I’ve had with a Living 4D guest, as we get started on our fourth year!

Love and chi,