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September 7, 2023

Plant Medicines: How Much is Safe With Hamilton Souther

Plant Medicines: How Much is Safe With Hamilton SoutherOver the past three months, we’ve covered a lot on my blog/vlog about the dos and don’ts of plant medicine ceremonies from why you’d want to participate in one to the diet that works best before and after a ceremony.

The final blog/vlog in this series with Hamilton Souther explores how much of a plant medicine is safe for you to take during a plant medicine ceremony.

This is a very important concern, Hamilton says, because you want to take just enough of a plant medicine to be fully present in the experience, yet not so much that it will endanger your health.

If you’re just starting to work with plant medicines, I agree with Hamilton that starting slow and working your way up is the best way forward.

“When it gets strong enough that you’re having a transcendental, visionary experience, you’ll be in an altered state for 3-5 hours. That is a big enough dose to be transformative.”

Hamilton and I also cover two more very important issues regarding plant medicines: How long will it take for you to work toward that higher dosage and when it is a smart idea to say no.


If all of this plant medicine talk piques your curiosity, I highly recommend listening to my entire Living 4D conversation with Hamilton Souther and checking out his Blue Morpho website to learn more about the art of using plant medicines safely and effectively.

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