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May 24, 2018

Paul’s In Podcast Heaven!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I’ve been a little slow getting this one out because we just got back from vacation and I’m trying to catch up.

Our Vacation

A jeep trip up Bear Wallow Canyon




Penny, Angie, Mana and I had an amazing time in Sedona. The energy there is amazing, the scenery is beautiful, and, WOW!, there’s a lot of amazing art and pottery to be had from extremely skilled artists! I brought home some beautiful pottery, amazing hanging mobiles and a great book.

Dinner at Aubrey’s Ranch


While we were in Sedona, we visited Aubrey Marcus and his beautiful tribe at his ranch. We had a great time sharing dinner and hiking together. I was out on a hike with Aubrey, Kyle Kingsbury, Dr. Dan Engle (The Brain Doctor) and several of Aubrey’s close friends and athletes and, much to my surprise, Penny, Angie and Mana found us while they were on their own hike. It was great to be able to share Mana with everyone, and he was very impressed with all the very beautiful girls too!!

Zen in the Garden


As of today, we have only 7 places left for our upcoming Zen In The Garden workshop Saturday, June 9 at the beautiful Heaven House in Escondido, Calif. For those of you who want to enjoy cultivating a deeper connection with your instincts, intuition, soul and nature, Angie and I will be partnering for this special Zen In The Garden workshop and I’m excited to be working with her. She’s a powerful, well-trained shaman and will teach the nature divination section, a system of working with nature and selected items from it to find answers to your most meaningful, deep questions in life.

If you’d like to join us for a day of accelerated spiritual growth, you can learn more and register here.

Another Amazing Podcast with Aubrey Marcus!


In my first podcast with Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit in Austin, we discussed the self, the ego, the soul, God and more! This podcast had a HUGE impact on people, and I was humbled with all of the incredible feedback. Many listeners also entered the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program, which has been awesome! Thanks to all of you who joined the C.H.E.K Institute’s mission to make the world a little more beautiful, clean and safe for the children each day! I’m deeply grateful.

When I returned to Austin for the recent Paleo f(x) conference, Aubrey and I did our second podcast together. This time, we dove deep into concepts of self-knowledge, relationships, resistance within ourselves and the struggle of the ego, being happy, spiritual development, shamanic medicine journeys and the pros and cons of them, and our collective consciousness. This podcast has only been out two days, and is already topping the charts for downloads. Once again, we have received a lot of amazing positive comments on this interview.

Listen or download the podcast with Aubrey and me or watch the video below!



A Wild Time With The Mind Pump Media Team!

While I was attending Paleo f(x), I caught up with Doug, Sal, Adam and Justin, the creators of the world famous MindPump podcast, and some of the coolest guys I know!

We got into EVERYTHING! We talked about the pros and cons of modern electronic technologies such as iPhones and iPads, peak states and enlightenment and why more men reach enlightenment than women, athletic training, GOD, religion and the pros and cons associated with it, my concerns with the bio-hacking movement and how to do it correctly and more!

I got a bit fired up and my youthful paratrooper — the one who likes to swear to “add color” — came out as I was inspired by Sal, Adam, Justin and Doug (the guy behind the scenes who makes it all work!). But I think my love and my heart create a nice balance.

If you haven’t heard my recent podcast with the Mind Pump Media team, I hope you’ll give it a listen… it’s a LONG ONE!

The Mind Pump team was recently interviewed on Tom Bilyeu’s Health Theory show where they mention me. Once again, they called me “The Godfather Of Wellness.” They shared a lot of great information, as well as the story of how their top-rated podcast got started, and more about their mission. These amazing guys are highly intelligent and I recommend that you watch this great show.

That’s it for this week!

Love and chi,