September, 2019

  • Failing and Learning With Mike Bledsoe

    Happy late Monday everyone! Throughout your life, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind you’ve heard the popular saying that goes something like, it’s better try and fail, than to never try at all or some variant of it from […]

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  • The Journey of a Shaman With Angie Chek

    Happy Tuesday! This week’s blog is a little later than usual as it’s been very hectic around Heaven House, balancing my home life with Penny and Angie and two growing children, feeding your education with new programs and course curriculums […]

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  • The Chakra System Part 7: The Crown Chakra

    Two months ago, we started on this exploration of the Chakra system as a way to transform pain and bondage into freedom. This week, we’re at the end of our journey with a deep dive into the Seventh Chakra — […]

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