January, 2011

  • SOUL Hatching

    SOUL Hatching

    Hello and beautiful morning here in Vista! Today, I’d like to share a little of my knowledge of the process of how the soul matures into Self-Realization. Here, you see a photo Vidya took of the moon setting in front […]

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  • L0Ve & Relationships

    L0Ve & Relationships

    Hello! I had a lovely day at home working with my Zero Force Coaching (ZFC) client, Nola yesterday. We did an energy balance session, discussed the nature of the human mind and how it tends to project it’s wants and […]

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  • Some fantastic Video Recommendations

    Some fantastic Video Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, It is a stunning day today, I’ve been in my “rock garden” since early this morning and have just gotten cleaned up to meet with my client who came all the way from Dubai. I wanted to share […]

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  • Working with NATURE

    Working with NATURE

    Hello and Marvelous Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Friday, I conducted a Zero-Force coaching session with my friend and student Sven Hansen. In the first image, you can see the stone mandala we created together to symbolize […]

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  • Heart ~*~ VISION

    Heart ~*~ VISION

    Hello And Happy Day! Today is a great day to pause when you are feeling challenged. Challenges are directional; when a storm comes, it comes from a specific direction, be it north, south, east, west, or a combined direction, such […]

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    Hello and Glorious Day to Everyone! A few months ago, my friend and CHEK Faculty member, Ashley Mazurek told me about the movie she recently viewed called The Horse Boy. Ashley is the step-mother who cares for an autistic child […]

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