August, 2010

  • The Music Lesson!

    The Music Lesson!

    Hello! Well, I’m now home and settled in my lovely office and have spent time loving all my friends in my garden too! As you probably saw on my previous post, Toronto was a great success! So much love and […]

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  • Freedom from Addiction in Toronto

    Freedom from Addiction in Toronto

    Hi Everyone, Vidya and I really had fantastic time working with our 1~2~3~4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease! Live Workshop participants. We met lovely new people and many of our local, loyal and practicing PPS Practitioners joined us. This […]

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  • I’m In Toronto!

    I’m In Toronto!

    Hi Everyone, Penny and I arrived yesterday and it is great to be back in Toronto! My buddy Rory picked us up from the airport in his new Audio A6 – wow what a smooth car! I’m really looking forward […]

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  • Ask Integral Experts

    Ask Integral Experts

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you a really cool group that I did an interview for last night: Ask Integral Experts – Doc Barham and Michael Richardson are really intelligent, integral thinkers and it was really a joy […]

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  • Holistic Education?

    Holistic Education?

    Hello! As many of you know, I’ve been lecturing about the importance of returning back to a holistic educational system of development for our children for many years. Humanity, for a variety of reasons (well explained in Ken Wilber’s excellent […]

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  • Home from Atlanta! Whew!

    Home from Atlanta! Whew!

    Hello! Whew! I’ve made it home from a successful, yet eventful trip to Atlanta Mania, Georgia. Unfortunately, the ticket agent at the airport here in Carlsbad (where I leave from) was having a gab session with the agent next to […]

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