July, 2010

  • Women, Food & God

    Women, Food & God

    Good Day! I bet some of you are surprised to see me post three in a row now! Cool ah! When I can, I do! I love to share as most of you already know. I just wanted to take […]

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  • Being Human?!

    Being Human?!

    Hello again! I suspect you will be surprised to see me posting back-to-back blogs! I suspect you are familiar with the concept of organizing activities into must do – should do – would like to do; with my schedule, blog […]

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  • How To Do “Nothing”

    How To Do “Nothing”

    HELLO! So nice to share with you today. I have been busy creating new webinar presentations, slide shows for upcoming workshops, teaching, and seeing lots of clients. Between these events, I have enjoyed some quality time with the sun, which […]

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  • Do you use Movement as Medicine?

    Do you use Movement as Medicine?

    Hi All, You know how many times I talk about movement is life, it is also medicine for not only the body, mind, emotions but also soul! Everyone knows that exercise is essential to staying fit and healthy. But with […]

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