July, 2010

  • CHEK Level 3

    CHEK Level 3

    Hi Everyone, Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Atlanta very early in the morning so I wanted to make a quick blog post about CHEK Level 3. Suzi Nevell is here from New Zealand and is teaching the course – […]

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  • Potato, Apple, Tulip and Marijuana!

    Potato, Apple, Tulip and Marijuana!

    Hello! Today I thought I’d share another excellent DVD: The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye-View of the World, with Michael Pollan is a highly informative DVD based on his book of the same title. If you are like me […]

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  • Good vibrations!

    Good vibrations!

    Hello! Today I thought I’d share a book I’ve just read with you. The Cosmic Octave:Origin of Harmony Planets, Tones, Colors, The power of Inherent Vibrations, by Hans Cousto. This is an excellent, methodical book that explains the relationships between […]

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  • Do you have an intimate relationship with Silence?

    Hello! Well, here I am yet again. Another Beautiful Day! I began my day, as I do each and every day, with a cold shower at 4:00 AM; cold showers shock the body into sympathetic harmony. A cold shower has […]

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  • Mother Nature Disconnect

    Mother Nature Disconnect

    Greetings for another Great Day on Planet Earth! As many of you can imagine, I have a very extensive collection of books, DVD documentaries, and thousands of articles on issues of the earth and our relationship with it. When the […]

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  • Use Your Heart To Feel What You Know!

    Use Your Heart To Feel What You Know!

    Hello!, and Good Day to you wherever you are in your experience of life. I hope you all had as beautiful and restful a weekend as I did. I have grown to really appreciate the deep value of rest, of […]

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