March, 2006

  • March 2006 England

    March 2006 England

    Here I am on March 30th in Marlo, England teaching a course called “The 4 Wisdoms” at Bisham Abby, England’s National Sports Training Center. I am teaching my students how to move Chi. Lisa Kald from Paul Chek Seminars UK […]

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  • March 2006 New York

    March 2006 New York

    Here I am lecturing at East Coast Alliance (ECA) in New York. I get large audiences there and I really enjoy working for Gary Scott and his wife Carol because they encourage my honesty about the health and exercise industry […]

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  • February 2006

    February 2006

    My assistant Nicole Karian, my son (Paul Chek Jr.), my wife Penny and I recently did a seminar series in San Francisco and Seattle. On our trip, Nicole lost her train virginity! You will see her getting on the BART […]

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  • February 2006 Seattle

    February 2006 Seattle

    When In Seattle to lecture recently (2-14-06) C.H.E.K Practitioner Patrick Welsh (below on my left) got me on the Bob Rivers radio show. Bob is a client of Patrick’s and under his guidance, has lost a lot of weight and […]

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