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June 10, 2019

Talking Spirituality With Mike Salemi

Good Monday morning to you wherever you live in the world!

This week, I want to share this short but powerful portion of my recent Living 4D conversation with the awesome Mike Salemi, a Kettlebell Master of Sport and CHEK Practitioner.

In this segment, we talk about spirituality, a subject most people assume would never come up in a conversation about exercise, much less kettlebells.

Mike’s spiritual growth was the catalyst that helped him overcome adversity and overwhelming discomfort through injuries. It enabled Mike to lean into his fears and face them head on, even though he admits now it was hard for him to see the path forward.

One of the ways I define spirituality is consciously seeking a connection to a greater whole. Mike couldn’t do the amazing things he does with kettlebells without that connection to his coaches, his family, great equipment (thank you Eleiko!) and nutritious foods.

Having been through those experiences, Mike is better equipped to share what he’s learned to help his students and clients approach their challenges with more compassion, empathy and love.

I hope this week’s vlog will nudge you to listen to my Living 4D with Paul Chek conversation with Mike about his career in kettlebell competition after an eight-year pitstop rebuilding his family’s business, if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

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Hope you have a great week! See you soon…

Love and chi,