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April 1, 2014

Tools To Sustain Your Motivation ….

Happy Day to All!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today, I thought I’d progress a little further and share some information that relates directly to my recent blog series on the change process and share tools to sustain your motivation.

After I share my ideas in that regard today, I’ve got some fun things to share with you as well:

– We had another bobcat visit!

– Mike Salemi is kicking ass in his training and competition preparations!

– Congratulations to newly graduating CHEK Institute students and their instructors.

Tools To Sustain Your Motivation

Sustaining Motivation blk bd
Sustaining motivation can be challenging at times and it is easy to fall into patterns of behavior that are:

A. Potentially challenging once we are clear what our current dream is because they are potentially antagonistic to our chosen path; they represent conditioned responses.

B. Representative of the past, but not congruent with what we desire to experience “now”, or in the future.

In my vlog today, I take you through a simplified model of how Unconditional Love (UCL) steps down progressively to become our individual body-mind experiences.

I also explain Rudolph Steiner’s concept of how we produce a thought-action or “charge” based on his Concept ~ Percept model

I share the three qualities of the soul as taught by Plotinus, and related how to use them to sustain positive change and motivate awareness for optimal change in your life; when we change optimally, we are usually gratified and stay motivated.

As I often say to my students:

“To change is to learn and to learn is to change; if you can’t change you can’t learn and if you don’t learn you don’t change.”

I finish my vlog today by sharing six tips that will serve as tools to sustain your motivation:

1. UCL = YES!: “GOD”, “ZERO”, or UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can only say “YES” because UCL is the equivalent to a quantum possibility wave function.

Any choice we make is energized by UCL.

2. Archetypes = Attractors: Here I explain the basics of how archetypes represent pure forms of division as expressions of Undivided Wholeness.

Your watch face represents “time” as a possibility, while each number represents “a condition” created (energetically) at that time.

Within each archetype, there is room for personal expression; we can all be having different experiences at lunchtime under the archetypical expression of “12:00 – NOON”.

I explain that because archetypes represent universal expressions of wholeness, they serve as attractors.

Under the influence of the archetype of “The Lover”, we are all attracted to become an expression of wholeness as a lover.

It is because our first impetus to love is an expression of this archetype that we are drawn forth. Our impetus to love comes from beyond our ego-mind’s programming and is free of judgments.

As we grow as lovers, we progressively represent more and more of the truth being expressed by any archetype. We may comprehend archetypes as the truth of each archetype being modes of individuation as an expression of Wholeness.

I use the concept of “The Lover” archetype to explain my point here.

3. My Dream Is: Here I share the importance of your individual dream, using the opportunity to exemplify how an archetype manifests within your dream.

The dream is ultimately a desire to create and experience wholeness.

Here I explain how identifying and creating your dream is an expression of your individuality, your ego.

I use the concept of “The Lover” archetype to explain my point here.

Those of you wanting an in-depth exploration of how to find your dream (Legacy) for your life, or your immediate needs will benefit greatly from PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy.

4. My Feelings: Here I explain the importance of feelings as feedback for making better choices, and expand again on the concept of the dream to be a great lover.

5. My Body: I explain how our thoughts and feelings manifest as changes in our body, be they our body language, our posture, our movements, and the health of our body in general.

6. AWARENESS/Dream: I finish by explaining how to use the three qualities of the soul (Reflect – Abide – Represent) to better create our dreams and stay motivated.

Those of you wanting more focused training on how to better manage and use your mind will find PPS Success Lesson 2. Self Mastery very comprehensive and supportive of sustaining long-term motivation.

PPS Lesson 3. Goal Setting is also an essential lesson for those of you that need help organizing your energy and actions each day.

I hope you enjoy my video lesson on how to sustain your motivation.

Bobcat visitor

Bobcat visit 3-27-14
Last Thursday morning, the sun came out after we’d had clouds and rainy periods for a few days. I intuitively sensed that we’d get a visit from the Bobcats and said to Vidya, “It feels like a bobcat day today”.

Sure enough a few hours later, I was typing away and felt myself being watched. This beautiful young male bobcat was standing right in my window looking right at me.

As soon as I noticed him, I quietly called Vidya to come look and she was able to get a photo of him as he was walking away.

Then something unique happened. After the bobcat went away, he turned around and came back to my window and stood there checking me out for a good minute or two.

It was very interesting because he was making direct eye contact with me the whole time. He was turning his head like dogs often do when trying to understand what you are saying to them.

It was a very fun experience! His eyes were very clear, and his gaze went right through me…

Mike Salemi Kicking Ass in Training!

Mike Salemi and I met here at my Heaven House Saturday to assess his progress and update his training program. Mike is working toward his Master’s certification in Russian Kettlebell Competition lifting.

MIke post KB test

As I’ve shared on my blogs before, this sport is very tough to “Master”. To become a Master of Russian Kettlebell lifting, you have to have extraordinary levels of both strength, and endurance.

These two qualities generally oppose each other in development; the kind of training that improves endurance eats away at strength gains, and the kind of training that optimizes maximum strength tends to result in conditioning changes that negate endurance.

We have been doing a lot of work over the past year to rehabilitate Mike from injury and imbalance created from kettlebell training and competing in the past, as well as developing a number of other supportive athletic abilities.

Through this process, we have been working on very specific modifications to Mike’s lifting technique, recovery methods, mental-emotional self-management, and all aspects covered by my 4 Doctor model.

Mike and Paul Hug

Saturday, it all came together for Mike and I. Mike was able to meet the required number of lifts in the required time frame (and still had about a minute and a half left!) to achieve his Masters certification at his next competition.

Mike, Vidya, and I are all very excited about his progress. We celebrated with a lovely lunch together and Mike headed back to San Francisco with his new program.

Mike and I are developing a new CHEK Institute Kettlebell training certification program that incorporates the best components of each of the systems I use, and the Russian KB lifting style.

Our offering will not only allow you to become super fit, but super healthy, just like Mike! We’ll let you know when the course is available for your participation, but I expect it will be early in 2015.

We still have some important R&D to do, but we are enjoying the process each step of the way.

Congratulations Mike!

CHEK Courses Recently Completed

Congratulations to Ashley Mazurek for teaching another successful C.H.E.K Exercise Coach Advanced Training in Vancouver BC, 3/26-30,2014


I love knowing that Ashley is busy teaching new CHEK Practitioners, and will now start teaching HLC1 as well.

Ashley is a mother and has lived and applied the CHEK principles both in her own life as a female athlete and woman, and as a partner and mother.

She’s as real and authentic as you can get. If you are ever able to take a class with Ashley, you’ll be studying with a real master.

Thanks for sharing your love with your students Ashley!

Matthew Wallden is a highly qualified teacher, and highly talented man. Matthew is qualified in England as a Naturopathic Physician, as well as being an Osteopath. In addition, he’s one of my longest standing student and instructor.

Matthew has many talents, and loads of practical clinical experience to share with his students. In fact, Matthew Wallden is qualified to teach more C.H.E.K Institute courses than any other instructor, which is quite an accomplishment.

Matthew teaches C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, CHEK Practitioner Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as HLC 1.

Matthew just finished teaching HLC1 in the UK, April 3/14-16, and then jumped right into teaching CP1 in Surrey Park, UK., 3/26-30, 2014

I’m sure if you were in one of Matthew’s classes, you got to enjoy the tremendous depth of knowledge he brings to his teaching experiences with all his CHEK students!

Thanks to Matthew and all his students for doing a great job!


Donal Carr just finished teaching HLC1 in Melbourne, AU., April 28-30, 2014 and I’m excited to know that we have budding holistic health students in Australia, and that they were taught by a true Master, Donal Carr.

Donal is another of the C.H.E.K Institute’s “Old Guard”. Donal is a long time buddy of mine and his wealth of personal and professional experience in all aspects of health and performance make him an excellent instructor.

Donal is an excellent athlete, a very skilled expert at corrective exercise and all aspects of rehabilitation, a great chef, an amazing artist, and much more.

Like Ashley and Matthew Wallden, Donal and his wife Cathy naturally live the CHEK teachings in their family life with their two boys, Ryan and Josh.

Thanks for sharing your love and knowledge of living the CHEK Way Donal!

To learn more about upcoming CHEK Institute Advanced Training Programs around the world, feel free to see our schedules in your region.

Well, that brings you up to date with what’s up in my world.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek