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April 18, 2011


Good Day!

Well, When I got home from England a tired boy and due to previously scheduled obligations, ended up working the next two days in row.

Friday, I got to go home and stay there alone to do what I thought I wanted to do. I thought I wanted to build things in my garden and clean the garden up. What occurred in actual fact is that I did some morning reading and meditation and found my way to the floor in my living room, where I seemed to lay for hours. Each time I had the thought that I should be doing this or that, just as quickly, my body said, you are doing what you need to do right now, which is nothing! Just rest!

I was reminded, yet again, how easily it is to fall into the trap of thinking that living is doing. By the end of the day, I was feeling much better than I have since leaving to England.

Saturday, I got out the weed-whacker and spent hours weed-whacking. Vidya and Penny followed my lead and pulled lots of weeds. For some reason, our gardener has disappeared and we’ve got no phone number for him so until he reappears, we are the new gardeners.

After weed-whacking, I enjoyed a few hours of art while I listened to the winds and birds.

Sunday, I came into work to prepare to record my new monthly message for and work on updating my HLC 2 program additions.

Though I seemed to fall into the black hole of work, in what felt like minutes, several hours went by and I decided to leave at 2:00 to go home and do what I wanted to do Friday. That was to do more art and build a new big stack of rocks in my rock garden, which you can see here.

The stack in the distance behind my meditation seat is what I built.

The bottom rock, which you can’t really see from this view, weights about 400 pounds. I had to roll it up the hill to its new resting spot. That in itself was a very intense workout.

The juggling act got more intense as I went higher and higher. When I finished, I had a real sense of joy.

Each of my rock creations feels to have a life and personality of its own. I experience them like I experience Native American Indian totem poles.

While meditating and entering into dream world over the weekend during my day naps, I had multiple visions of The Being of the Universe. I call that being THE KING.

I drew this Kingly Being to the best of my ability, yet what I saw and experienced was of a majesty that only an Alex Gray could draw and express with some degree of authenticity.

My soul guided me to share the following story of THE KING with you today.

I hope you enjoy it.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

The King was born of royalty, in royalty, as royalty.
He did not know how he got there.
He did not know anything else.
He did not even know he was royalty until his parents, The King and The Queen told him that he was a King, heir to The Throne.

He asked his parents, why would I want to be The King?
“So you can always have what you want!” they told him.
He did not understand, for he had always had what he wanted. He had never known life any other way.

As the young king grew, he found that what he wanted most, was what other people had. Other people had problems. He loved to hear about their problems. He was always perplexed that they complained about their problems because he loved to hear about their problems. He couldn’t imagine life without being able to hear about the problems the slaves and servants told him were part of their world.

In his world, if something didn’t taste good, you just told someone and they made it taste better. If something didn’t work good, you just told someone and they made it work better. If something didn’t feel good, you just told someone and they made it feel better. If something he created didn’t look good, he just told someone and they made it look better so he would feel better. But, he never learned to make himself look or feel better.

When children from other royal families came to visit, they often told him that they had bigger, better toys than he did. He couldn’t believe that this was possible. So each time he found that they had a bigger, better boat, he told someone and they made him a bigger, better boat. Each time he found that they had a nicer bed, shoes, bow, spears, or better entertainment, someone made things better. All the while, he found himself feeling most entertained and most satisfied when he was hearing about other people’s problems.

When he was a teenager, he wanted to play with girls. He had learned about playing with girls from his father; he was always playing with girls in the stable, behind the barn, or when out riding his horses when he was supposedly hunting! But, little did Dad know that the little King was also out there playing and was watching and learning about how to play with girls too.

Sometimes, the little King would ask Daddy who the lady was that he was playing with in the stables? Dad would explain that he must be confused because, as King, I don’t go to the stables! Initially, this stopped the little King from discussing things that Daddy didn’t want the Queen to know about.

Soon, though, Daddy realized he had to let the little King in on some of his secrets because he was becoming too smart to trick. That’s when the little King began his internship for being a Big King.

The little King noticed that after a while, some of Dad’s girls became challenging. What was once playing in the hay became a want for the whole kingdom! They wanted to become the Queen.

Naturally, the little King asked his father what happened to those ladies that wanted to be the Queen because he noticed that once they wanted to be the Queen, they disappeared! Dad told him that whenever a woman wants what she can’t have, you simply get rid of her and get another one.

The little King asked Daddy for his own girls to play with. Daddy brought him beautiful girls and let them look at them, ask them questions and decide if he wanted them. He was always able to choose one that he liked and he would play with them. Ride horses, dance, eat, and he would practice the things he learned watching Daddy in the stables and the woods too!

He soon found that some of them didn’t want to try some of the new things he came up with, so he got rid of them. After a few years of practice, he found that he needed two girls to play with. That way, if one didn’t want to play his new game, he didn’t have to wait for his Father to find him another one that would. Then, he found that he could have even more fun playing with two at once. Then three, then four, then six.

Then he found that the girls were getting bored watching because he wasn’t giving each of them enough attention. Some of them began to play with each other. For some reason, this was even more exciting than when he was playing with them.

After a few more years, now in his early 20’s, his father began to teach him about how to control people. How to kill them if they get in the way of making your kingdom bigger.

When he watched people die this way, he began to have pains inside him that none of the servants could make better. Strangely, these pains were the kind of pains the slaves and servants commonly told them that they had.

As this went on, he found that he couldn’t get excited about women any longer. It was as though he’d tried every game a young man could ever want to play with them.

Then one day, by chance, he saw his father being kissed intimately by a servant boy. Not knowing what this meant, he brought it up at the dinner table. Naturally, the Queen was quite shocked. But, Dad said, “Son, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I don’t kiss boys that way?”

The Queen thought maybe her son was just tired from playing so much. The little King knew that when Dad said such things in front of Mom, it meant that he needed to meet with Dad privately, so he did.

He said, “Dad, why didn’t you tell Mom the truth about you kissing that servant boy?” Dad said, “Because son, it is the nature of a woman to want to be the only one her man loves. If you ever give a woman the impression you are loving another woman, she gets jealous. If your woman finds out that you are being intimate with a man, she both gets scared and begins to feel that something must be wrong with her!”

“Son, you never tell your favorite one about the research you are doing to be sure that she’s still your favorite one!”

The little King then said, “Dad, my teachers told me it’s unnatural for boys to be intimate with other boys, yet, now I see you doing that?”

Dad said, “Son, once you’ve mastered playing with women, you naturally get board and since there are only men and women in the world to play with, you can always try playing with boys or men.”

So, as always, the little King tried what Dad was doing. This was more challenging and intriguing though because Dad told the little King that this must be done secretly.

The King said, “If your mother finds out, she will think something is wrong with you and make you live with the doctors until they figure out what’s wrong with you. Then, all your play time will be taken away until they can satisfy The Queen that there is nothing wrong with Her child!”

So began the little Kings exploration of games and sex with boys. In just a few months, he became bored of that too. So naturally, he began mixing them both. That was fun for a while, but soon, he found that yet again, he felt empty inside. It didn’t seem to matter how many lovers he had, weather they were beautiful boys or girls, or what combination of events or how secret they were.

The little King felt as though his life was slipping away. He noticed that thought the servants and slaves had always had their problems and pains, that they would sing while they worked. He never tried singing because he’d come to believe that you only sing if you are working, and he never had to work.

With that in mind, he decided to ask one of the slaves, “why do you sing when you work?” The slave told him that it eased his pain and made him feel better inside. The slave told him that when he sang, the animals liked it and they were easier to work with.

Then one day, he noticed his Father’s army marching off to war. They were all singing! So he asked his Father why they were singing when they were not yet in pain – where they trying to get their horses to be easier to work with?

His Father laughed and said, “No son, they are singing because it helps them feel safer together. It helps them feel stronger so they can face their fears. First they learn to hear each other, then they learn to feel each other, and then they move and function in battle as one. This makes my warriors very hard to beat in battle.”

This made the little King think deeply about what he’d heard from his father. He realized that he’d tried everything he learned from his father, and that the only thing he’d not become bored of was hearing about the challenges and pains in the lives of the slaves and servants.

Sex wasn’t even interesting to him any more and he was still in his 20’s.

His father began to groom him for his responsibilities as The King. This required extensive training as a soldier, learning battle strategy, and studying ways of keeping informed as to who was collecting wealth in the land. This way, they knew who to start a war with to build the kingdom.

In is studies, he learned that every war his Father and his Father’s father had been in was either with those that they wanted to take from, or those that wanted to take from them. He found it odd that it was almost always those that had more than they needed that started wars to get more of what they already had.

Having become quite wise by studying his father and how he handled his Mother, he realized that this game would never end. He realized that warring was no different than having all the girls or boys you want and having to get rid of them if they didn’t give you what you want.

Which only meant you had to start all over again and again and again.

So he asked his Father, “Dad, why do we keep trying to accumulate more and more resources by taking resources from those that either don’t have enough, or those that have enough to make it very dangerous for us because their armies are often as big and powerful as ours? Doesn’t this always lead to pain?”

His father said, “Yes Son. It often does lead to pain, but not for us!”

So the little King said, “Well Dad, what would happen if Mother knew all the things you were doing with women, boys, and that you were going to war to get more gold and gems?”

The King said, “She would probably be very sad. She may even want to leave me!”

Then the The King paused and said, “Well son, I would probably have to have Her killed because when people decide they don’t love you any more, they often try to make you hurt too by telling, and often selling your secrets.”

This was a deep and painful moment for the little King. For now he realized that if one day he didn’t agree with how his father was ruling the kingdom, then his father may kill him too. He realized that if he told his Mother his secrets, she would be very upset with his Father. He realized that if his father was in pain, that he would do what he’d always done, get rid of the pain!

He realized that in fact, he had no kingdom at all.

The little King put up with all the charades his Father put him through in preparation to become The King. He knew that the way his father was going, it was just a matter of time before he would get caught, or killed trying to build and defend the kingdom. He also knew that there was just as much risk that his Mother would find out what was going on, and she too may threaten his kingdom.

The more he thought about this, the more pain he experienced. The pain was so great that the slaves and servants noticed and wanted to see if they could fix things for him. But he couldn’t tell them what his problems were, for that would put both his Mother and Father at great risk.

No, he had to keep these pains inside.

After being in pain for some while, he decided to go out into the fields with the slaves so he could sing with them. He found that he couldn’t sing the songs as well as they could. They told him it was because he didn’t have enough to do in his life, therefore, he had no reason to learn rhythm. They explained that when you have to hoe, dig, or swing an ax all day, you have to learn rhythm to be more efficient.

They explained to him that by singing their simple songs, they could get out of their heads. That they could do the work and forget about the pains so they could go home and be with their loved ones.

So the little King began to take up the tools. Each day, when he could escape Father’s battle training, he came out to work in the fields and sing.

After doing this for a year, he began having moments where he would completely disappear. Moments where somehow, he was there working, yet, wasn’t there at all.

He asked the slaves if they too had these experiences? They all laughed aloud when he asked! They smiled at him and explained that he was escaping his mind, his pains, his fears.

They said, “Little King, you are learning to relax.”

He began to feel so good, so alive that all he wanted to do was work with the slaves and sing. In fact, the more time he spent with his father, the more pain and sorrow he felt, for he realized that all that he had, and all that he had been given had come by way of causing pain for others.

He also realized that many of them who had been stolen from and abused did not know how to sing, so their pains didn’t go away.

Now, nothing in the kingdom meant anything to him but working and singing with the servants and the slaves.

When he had to go to battle training, he didn’t want to practice fighting because the thought of it always caused him pain. He began telling his warrior teachers that he didn’t want to fight, he wanted to sing because he was in pain. Since he was the King’s son, it was their job to always fix things for him.

So his teachers asked, “Is there anything we can do to ease your pain?”

The little King said, “Yes, would you sing with me?” They did. He taught them slave songs. They all began to sing. They all began to feel good. They all forgot to practice fighting.

Before his Father could figure out what was going on, the warriors had taught all the soldiers how to sing so they could alleviate their pain. Soon, without realizing what had happened, the King’s army was loosing interest in defending the kingdom.

Shortly thereafter, the neighboring King waged war on them. When the soldiers started getting wounded, they all began to sing. In their joy, they forgot to fight and they lost the war. The King and the entire kingdom was taken hostage and they were all thrown into jail.

The little King’s mother and father were so distraught having to live in jail that they lost all will to live and died.

One day, the dethroned little King asked the jail guard if he would deliver a message to the King? “Yes, what is the message?” The little King said, “Please ask the King if he would allow me to become a slave so I can work the kingdom for him?”

This request so shocked the King that he had the little King brought before him to explain. The little King informed him that having a well skilled, well schooled man locked in jail was a waste of valuable resources. He said, “If you simply shackle me and put me out in the fields with the slaves, I can work with them and show them how to build fences, repair carts and wagons and make your kingdom even more beautiful.” The King agreed that there would be no harm in that.

So he let the little King live as a slave.

In just a few short years, he had taught all the servants and slaves how to free themselves from their pain. The word had spread that the little King could take people’s pain away by teaching them how to work and sing. Then, the generals, their wives, and their children began coming to see the little King to learn how to work and sing to get rid of their pain. The little King noticed that as he taught them to work, sing and heal their pains, they were going to war less and less often. He noticed that the King was sharing more and more of his wealth with the people and making better and better decisions.

Years later, the King died. This King had no son. He had no heir to the throne. What he did have was clear evidence that the little King had somehow made his life and the lives of his people much better. The King made the little King the heir to the throne. He referred to the little King as The King of Pain.

The little King was crowned “KING”. He gained the entire territory, including what was once his Fathers kingdom and much more. He put the entire royal family to work and taught them how to sing.

For the rest of his life, he never fought a war. He never kept secrets. He used resources wisely and shared them wisely so that everyone had a job and just enough pain to keep singing.

This story took place long, long ago. It is because of the King of Pain, that we all know how to work and sing today.

If you are suffering from too much money, too much food, too many women, men, or both, it’s probably because you have not learned how to work and sing correctly yet.

Today we don’t really have slaves but if you go find some servants or people working in the fields they will teach you how to be a King. They will teach you how to love and appreciate all that you have.

It is because of the servants and slaves that the King of Pain learned how to live, how to be free in any situation. When you become a good worker and learn how to sing, you have become The King.