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December 7, 2011


Happy Wednesday to You!

I suspect that if you’ve been following my blog you are aware that I’ve been busy teaching HLC 2 here in Vista.

There were 45 beautiful people with me for the week and we all had a great time together.

I feel very blessed to have had these students in my class. I’m so proud of their progress.

This group was definitely one of the healthiest groups I’ve seen come through the institute. They truly are practicing the CHEK lifestyle and are living examples for all to learn from, wherever they go in the world.

I enjoyed my morning tai-chi with my students each day instead of my usual routine, which was been a fun experience for me to share that with them.


Yesterday was our last day of class and we began our day with a Chinese meditation style called “Standing Like A Tree” that I learned many years ago from Master Fong Ha (you can learn more about this amazing Master at

I coupled some “work-out” activities with our “work-in” to show the students how they can engage the busy monkey minded people and draw them into stillness naturally. They really enjoyed experiencing the mix of the two methods.

Many of the students shared the beautiful inner stillness they achieved, as well as the abundance of energy they cultivated in our morning sessions, which is really a joy for me to hear.


Welcome new HLC Coaches! Here you can see my amazing and beautiful students!

I drew this picture a couple weeks ago but thought I’d share it today because it really captures the energy I experienced teaching this HLC 2 class.

The moon and water represent our morning chi cultivation sessions.

The beings emerging from the water represent me teaching and one of my students, who’s name is also Paul, who looks so much like me that he could easily be mistaken as my brother.

The energy patterns represent the beautiful flow of energy in the class.

The sun represents our joy together and out time in the sun together.

The pyramid with the head on it represents the progressive build-up of knowledge over the week.

The head represents being wise enough to utilize ancient wisdom in a modern world.

I feel so grateful to be able to share my knowledge and wisdom to such receptive, bright and intelligent people.

I have full confidence that they will make a huge difference in their own circles of influence through living and practicing healthy, conscious living through the skills they gained this past week.

Thanks everyone!!

I hope you all have a beautiful day!
Love and chi,
Paul Chek