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  • Balanced Living Cooking School

    This is especially relevant for those of you in Australia, but I am sure some of you will be scheduling vacations Down Under once you read this! I’m very happy to announce that Jo Rushton, one of our C.H.E.K Institute Faculty […]

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  • How do Plantains and Robbie Maddison Fit Together?

    Happy Monday! Today, I’m excited to share a couple of diverse topics and two videos with you! Where else can you find a discussion of plantains and a world-famous motorbike stunt rider on the same blog? HOW I MAKE PLANTAINS FOR […]

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  • Healing Art & Tasty Corn Tortillas!

    Happy Tuesday to You! I hope you are all well. Sorry I didn’t get a blog up yesterday. I was very busy and needed every moment I had to meet deadlines… I had a lovely weekend at home relaxing. I […]

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