June 12, 2017

How do Plantains and Robbie Maddison Fit Together?

Happy Monday!

Today, I’m excited to share a couple of diverse topics and two videos with you! Where else can you find a discussion of plantains and a world-famous motorbike stunt rider on the same blog?



Plantains are an excellent, easy to prepare food that can be used as a savory snack, or a sweeter dessert-type treat. If you are not big into cooking, then plantains may be just the trick for you. I don’t cook much, and don’t have a big love for cooking (although I do like eating!). When I’m hungry for a good savory or a sweet snack that is natural and just a downright good whole food, I’ll cook a couple plantains.

When plantains are ripened to the point that the skins are well spotted with black spots or have gone completely black, they are just right for dessert! (You may think they’re rotten, but squeeze them. If there’s still some firmness to them, they are generally still OK.)  One of my favorite ways to eat them is to dip them in some organic berry or fruit jam. Very lovely! As they ripen, much more natural sweetness emerges, so do be careful about adding extra sweet stuff to them, or your blood sugar may go sky high.

When they are still green or greenish yellow and lacking the black spots, they cook up to be more like a potato chip and taste fairly bland. When I cook them like this, I like to dip them in some hummus, salsa or a nice salad dressing. I also like salt and hot sauce on them.

I hope you enjoy learning how I prepare plantains today, and that you enjoy some for yourself soon!




CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut (www.troycasey.com), recently ran into one of my clients, Australian motorcycle jumping phenomenon and stunt rider Robbie Maddison. If you don’t know who Robbie is, you can get a quick study of his accomplishments on Wikipedia.


If I remember correctly, Robbie has broken all of Evel Knievel’s stunt jumping records, and MUCH more. While I was serving as a therapist and guiding his conditioning programs, he jumped the London bridge and did a back flip in the air while doing it! If you want to be blown away, just search his name on Google to see some of his mind-blowing motorcycle stunts! Robbie has also been a stunt man in various movies, including a James Bond film.


Troy recently spent some time with Robbie chatting about their common interests in holistic health and spiritual development recently in LA. Their discussion led to some of Robbie’s challenges, including healing from a serious injury, how the medical doctors told him his career was over and not to do any heavy or quick movements… ever. Robbie is friends with some of the Motocross stars I’ve helped heal from serious injuries and done conditioning work for, so when he thought his career was over and started asking other racers if they knew anyone who may be able to help, they directed him to me.

I love Robbie. He’s a very cool, down-to-earth man with great love for his wife and children. We did some great work together and I’m glad I am able to be part of his life.

When Troy and Robbie started sharing their experiences with the medical system, and Troy heard Robbie share the challenges he had when he had a serious rib injury, Troy wanted to catch his comments on video. This is what Robbie shared.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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Love and chi,

Paul Chek