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November 4, 2011


Good Friday To You!

I had a lovely day yesterday. I started my day with some spiritual reading to nourish that aspect of my being.

Then, when the sun was coming up, I went outside and did some free-form tai-chi as I sun gazed.

I took a day off of gym training and put my energy into my work creating a new HLC 1 slide show to update our program.

I snuck away in the morning to get a massage and take a steam, which really helped me recover from exercise and work stress in general.

After working on my slides, I facilitated a Zero-Force coaching session with my client Jason, who continues to amaze me with his honesty and progress! Great Job Jason!

My son came to visit me yesterday so he and I went out after work and did tai-chi together in the garden. We didn’t get to see the sun because the rainclouds have arrived here.

Overall, I had a lovely day and it was great to see my son.

Today I’ll be working with a friend on how to use art, rock work, and other natural processes for healing.

This morning, I read an article about the challenges with bees dying around the world. The article is titled, Saving The Honeybees and is available to you in, ACRES USA – The Voice of Eco-Agriculture,, Volume 41, NO. 11.

I highly recommend you all read this article. It highlights the many challenges the world’s beekeepers are now facing due to serious problems with bees dying off.

The cost of pollenating crops is rising very fast due to the expensive challenges the beekeepers are facing.

The problem with our bees world wide can easily fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category for most people!but it will be “in sight and in mind” soon, when the cost of food rises radically and many of your favorite produce foods are no longer available.

Americans are generally passive over these essential issues, and pretty much anything related to agriculture.

The French beekeepers, on the other hand, were so outraged at their governments lack of support, they went to the parliament buildings and poured honey all over the steps there.

That got some needed attention! The difference is, they didn’t wait until they were all starving and so deep into the crisis that nothing could be done about it!

What we can all do here and now, immediately is (!) STOP BUYING ANYTHING THAT’S NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC, or that doesn’t come from a local farm that farms without chemicals.

My personal opinion is that the bees are dying largely from not having healthy plants to gather their own nutrition from.

They must interact with a myriad of plants everywhere, from cities and golf courses to commercially farmed mono-cropping, most all of which are covered in very dangerous industrial and farming chemicals.

The article I’ve cited above explains that the bees are now suffering from viral (parasite) infections that are threatening them.

It is a basic tenant of sound agriculture that where there are parasite, or “vermin” problems, the essential first step is to test the soils for toxins and mineral balance and to increase the quality of animal foods.

Without these first steps, any attempt to deal with viruses or parasites at large will fail.

Everyone is so quick to choose to use drugs to kill every actual, and theoretical “invader”, yet seldom do such approaches ever address the actual cause of the problem.

All of us can help the fundamental causes of farming problems (which are extremely toxic to the world population in general) by supporting the farmers that are actually supporting the soil and us!

You don’t need to go out and pet bees and bring them chicken soup.

You can start helping them by starving out the chemical companies and the large corporate farming companies, which will ultimately force them to listen to us can begin farming intelligently, or starve!

Please read the article I’ve sited if you can, and buy your food from your local sustainable organic farmers!


We all have challenges in our lives. Challenges are an inherent aspect of being human.

Challenges are inherent to the nature of spiritual growth and development as well. Many hold the false notion that as one develops spiritually, life gets easier and easier.

That’s a misunderstanding of what spirituality really is. Spiritual growth is really a process of developing empathy and compassion for ourselves, and others.

As we grow and mature, we learn that sex and violence lovers can’t be effectively helped with empathy and compassion!they eat it up like candy and use it as a license to continue their challenging behaviors.

Sex and violence lovers need conditions given to them that help them better direct their unbridled creative energies.

If you would like to learn more about my Love model and how to become an effective lover, please see my downloadable self-help program: The 1234 Of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease! It’s one of our monthly specials this month at PPS Success!

Spiritual growth really emerges in the process of learning how to love ourselves and others effectively “through challenges”.

When we have problems that seem insurmountable, such as those we face today with the many issues of the world, or the many possible challenges any one of us face on a day to day basis, surrounding the dragon becomes useful.


Surrounding the dragon is an action of looking at what the challenge is on paper first, and then drawing lines of connection from the problem to any and all possible aspects and relationships to the problem.

Once you can see what the problem is, who’s involved, and what ways we can reduce stress and bring resolution, inevitably, there are things we “can do”.


When we are challenged, or have a hard time seeing our challenge clearly, it is always good to create, or use your Mastermind group; the people in your life with enough wisdom and willingness to help you.

Often, there are wise ones that will benefit in some way by helping you resolve your challenge because it also affects them in some way.

The real secret, as far as I can see from my own experience, is to take affirmative action on all aspects of the challenge that you can do something about.

My advice is to start where you can. Once you get some movement, there is generally a tendency to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Additionally, I’ve found that when we make an honest effort ourselves in solving our own personal and spiritual challenges, those with the wisdom to help are far more likely to step up because they know you are not just “crying wolf” any longer.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember, start where you are by doing what you can; even if that’s just mapping out the problem and all relevant connections to it.

I’m here doing that with you myself.

Running a big business with lots of people involved is an opportunity for some legitimate, “rapid” spiritual growth.

I can’t see how I could grow faster than this in a cave in the mountains, or I’d be there now.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek