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October 31, 2016

Space – Time – Movement Part 2/3 “Time”

Happy Monday!

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable week of experiencing life, loving, living and growing. Don’t forget, the ups and downs are what it takes to make something out of no-thing.

I’ve got lots to share with you today, both in my vlog, and in my Show-N-Tell section, where I offer a link to view a fantastic newspaper article on Imran Sarfaraz, a CHEK Professional, in Calcutta, India.

Today I’ll share:
1. Space – Time – Movement and Healing Part 2/3 “Time”
2. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
3. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Space – Time – Movement and Healing Part 2/3 “Time”

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
–St. Francis of Assisi

Today, I explore the issue of time in our lives. I show that, as Earl Nightingale expressed in one of his books I read many years ago: “Time can’t be managed, only activities can.”

Those of you who watched Part 1 on “Space” will notice some correlations between what I shared regarding “space in our lives” and the issue of time.


This is because in a relative existence, you can’t have time without space. Time is an interval that measures movement between locations (space).

I begin by looking at a typical daily schedule as an example of how our conscious relationship to time and meeting our needs should be the first thing we consider as a means of using our time (or chosen activities) wisely and dream-affirmatively.

I go on to explain the importance of harmonizing our biological oscillators (heart-brain-gut) as a way to stabilize time. If we are out of harmony within ourselves, time has the effect of speeding up.

However, when we are in harmony, time has the effect of being more stable, or we sense that we have more of it.

I offer a meditation I learned from studying Stalking The Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov many years ago.

This is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in a scientific understanding of what spirituality is, and how we can have such a wide variety of sensory experiences from connecting to plants and animals all the way to angels!

If you’d like another great resource regarding time and ways we can work with it, I recommend The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time by Fred Alan Wolf.

I go on to share in my video how time takes on different subjective qualities, changing our relative experience of time, for better or worse depending on how we orient our consciousness.

In this explanation, I also show how poor management of time results in acceleration of our biological processes, producing stress.

To exemplify this, I give a brief overview of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA axis).

I finish by offering some resources anyone can study to help them manage their life in a more healthy, dream-affirmative way.

Next Monday, in Part 3, I will share a variety of perspectives on ways we can better understand and use the concept of movement through time and space in our lives.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today!

1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book
2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia eBook
3. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1: on-line
4. CHEK 4 Quadrant: on-line (coming soon)

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1, Toronto with Ashley Mazurek

Congratulations to our newest C.H.E.K Institute Practitioner Level 1 students who just completed their training with Ashley Mazurek in Toronto!

As you can see above, they had a great time.

Ashley is a very skilled CHEK Professional with lots of experience as an athlete, mother, businesswoman, and much more. I’m sure the students got to learn a lot from her. Ashley is also a CHEK HLC Instructor and is very well rounded as a teacher.

I look forward to seeing you all in CP2 when you have digested and integrated your CP 1 training and feel ready to go to the next level of your personal and professional development.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “being the change.”

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Halloween Is Here!

Angie and Mana love doing their photo shoots and Penny and I love seeing what they create together; Penny actually gets involved with the photo shoots now and then too.

I really love the Viking costume Angie got for Mana and Maggie.


Though I’m only showing a couple shots here, the series looks like a story about a Viking boy and his dog.

We are all having the greatest time with our little guy. He seems to wake up bigger each day. No wonder, since he’s drinking Momma’s boobs dry all night long, and he eats like a Viking all day too.

It’s amazing to see how he knows exactly what he wants to eat, and when. Angie has found that he loves the fatty, fleshy foods first, and refuses any fruit or sweeter foods until after he’s had his Viking foods!

Even then, he won’t overeat sweeter foods. He has a very well tuned inner sense of when he’s had just the right amount.

The experience of raising and feeding him, so far, has been a total confirmation of my approach to diet/eating well. All of us have instincts, and if we learn to listen to them, we are effectively guided to vital energy and well-being.

Penny got into the Halloween spirit today as well. This is the costume she will greet everyone in her class with at the YMCA today.

Penny is loads of fun, but we don’t have to worry about her eating electrical cords or tipping plants and trees over.

There’s no lack of creative expression and example for Mana in our house!

The Dirt Pit

Our little Mana has A LOT(!) of energy and is very curious. When he’s in the house, he roams from item to item, and room to room looking for things to discover and explore.

Of course, he’s a master at getting his hands on things best left alone, whatever that may be. We have fences up, cupboards protected, outlets plugged, but believe me, he sees all these things as worthy challenges!

One day, a while back, I got tired of constantly chasing him down and dealing with the inner-challenge of not saying “no” to him. According to research I recently studied, the average child hears the command “No,” once every nine minutes of their entire childhood!

This is not good for a child because the command “No!” is inhibitory, stopping the child’s flow of self-expression.

When over-exposed to a “No!” response, the child loses his/her creative drive and replaces it with “fear of what may happen.”

This also leads to adults who both respond to authority, even when it isn’t healthy, and feel frustration and anger with the supposed authority (be it a real or perceived authority).

Angie, Penny and I are very careful to replace “No!” with suggestions such as, “Mana, over here are some things you may enjoy even more.” or “Mana, let’s try playing with something different.”

It’s really quite revealing when you start paying attention to how reflexively we want to use “No!” with a child, and says a lot about our own programming as parents.

I think Mana came here to help “heal us” as much as he did for our support in fulfilling his dream for this lifetime, and we are all very grateful.

In response to chasing him constantly from one event to another in the house, it intuitively came to me to just let him crawl around in the yard and see how he does with that.

I took him outside to our “Momma tree,” a HUGE ficus tree in our yard that we like to lie under and take naps.

It is surrounded by a brick circle, and has a little garden inside it.

He LOVES it out there. He was so amazed at all the little ants and bugs traversing under the grass, the seeds, leaves and other things “to taste.”

I let him crawl all around the yard, but he was totally motivated to get across the brick circle into the little under-tree garden. When he achieved that, he began that adventure by pulling fern leaves off and seeing how many plant leaves he could add to his collection.

Being a sensitive, I can feel the plants responding in fear, so I am working with him to understand that plants are living beings that feel pain too. That, naturally, will take some time, but that’s OK, we’ve got it!

My intuitive response was to build him a special area where he can play in the dirt, have some outdoor toys, rocks and other things.




As the photos above show, he was very happy there. Mana will play there very peacefully and contentedly until he’s hungry, so he’s not much different than Dad that way.

As hungry as I get, I try not to drain Mom’s boobs because I don’t want to start a competition with my son over who gets the boobies first. It’s tempting though!

CHEK Professionals In The News In Calcutta, India!

Donal Carr, our Senior CHEK Faculty in Australia recently sent me a link to a newspaper article published in The Telegraph in Calcutta, India, that featured Imran Sarfaraz, a 27-year-old trainer at Endorphins in Ballygunge.

Imran is the second CHEK trainer in eastern India.

We now have quite a number of CHEK Professionals in various parts of India, and are considering the possibility of running CHEK Advanced Training programs there to feed the seeming ravenous appetite for holistic teachings there.

The CHEK Instructors and I really enjoy the students we get from India. They are very sharp, think critically and have a great work ethic.

They are also very comfortable with the subtle energy and spiritual concepts that underpin the C.H.E.K Institute training programs, and our overall mission to support humanity and the planet.


Well done Imran and to all of you amazing C.H.E.K Institute trained Professionals from India!!

You can read the beautiful article about Imran and the growing awareness of CHEK Professionals in India here:


As most of you who view my blog with any regularity will know, I love to share the art created by my instructors, students, clients, friends, Angie, Vidya, myself and others who are part of the “CHEK Family” or “CHEK Tribe.”

The key thing is that we all love being creative and expressing our inner worlds, then sharing our love and moments of artistic silence and meditation with others in hopes that they will be inspired to do the same.

Something about art that many don’t realize: Whenever we create it, we are using a combination of color, shape, sequence and special orientation that carry our unique healing energies and our “presence.”

Art is a very powerful way to allow our unconscious contents (be they positive or challenging) to be expressed through symbolic expression.

The soul speaks to us through a subtle language which is often not rationally understood by the ego of the creator of the art, or the viewer unless the he/she is capable of being open to intuitive interpretations, or has training and practice in the practice of art therapy.

Because of this fact, whenever we create art, and begin, continue, or conclude a healing process in ourselves, we are at once offering this healing and potential conscious awareness, or even breakthrough to anyone in harmony with our unique experience(s).

Therefore, since the underlying themes of human life follow fairly consistent lines, as demonstrated in studies of mythology and archetypes, chances are good that at any one time, we are both healing ourselves with our artistic expressions, and offering that very vibrational healing to others.

One way to perceive that this may be occurring when you look at art created by you, or others: You find yourself attracted to it… something pulls you in. You may find a particular attribute of the art attractive, or something that speaks to you.

Consider that the human unconscious mind has been found to be about 4 million times more powerful for processing information than the conscious ego-mind, and it isn’t hard to imagine that we are gaining a lot more than we consciously realize when we are drawn to art.

When there is something repulsive about a piece of art, however, it is usually that we don’t want to look at that part of ourselves. I have this experience whenever I see a photo or film clip of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

As an art therapist, or anyone who shares these feelings, we can do a lot for each other by finding those parts of ourselves that we find easier to criticize or ignore in others and pour some love and consciousness into them. At least that way, we can see the whole thing from a more wholesome perspective.

Here in my office, we all love Donal and Cathy Carr’s art!

Donal can sit down and put things on paper or canvas with little effort, all the while carrying on a conversation and watching his boys.

Now that always blows me away because I can’t wait for the day I can express myself artistically like any of the Carr family can!

I really love the recent piece Donal sent a few days ago. Thanks for sharing your creativity and art with me.

I remember giving my client Jason his first art assignment. He took it on willingly, and let his child out. I was impressed then, and I’m still ever-the-more impressed each time he shares his art with me.


Here Jason shares a neat multi-dimensional perspective of the self. He didn’t give me a title for this one, so I’ve taken the liberty of titling it “All Roads To I.”

When looking for the wholeness of ourselves, we find that we must look in every direction, and then we find we must look in every dimension.

Then, we find that we are looking “all around,” and looking out, we find a universe with seemingly infinite expanse. We wonder how can we see and experience it all?

As we grow to realize all that is “out there” is amazingly and beautifully tucked “in here,” we are drawn into the “inward journey” to realize our true nature.

This may take a minute, or it many take thousands of lifetimes. But when you get to the center of that which expresses ITSELF both outward, and inward, you find a paradox awaiting.

There is no one there, yet everyone is there! You have no “I,” no eyes, yet you “see ALL.” There is no birth, no death, and time, as it exists, is something other than we can know through an ego.

To explain the nature of the search for THE ULTIMATE, I have to use a metaphor given by Yogi Berra: “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.”

Fun piece Jason!

I’ve shared a few shots of me creating this piece along the way. It has taken me a few months to finally find the time to conclude it.

I was inspired when I was studying a book titled, The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul (Art and Imagination, by Jill Purce (wife of Rupert Sheldrake) when I was inspired to create this piece.

It’s a beautiful book with amazing photos and deep spiritual explanations of life in it.

I can’t say one specific thing I was trying to express. I just felt that I was expressing the parts of me that are common to all of you, and the universe at large.

The serpent is a symbol for Spirit, the energy of the ALL creating every “one.” The serpent represents the energy of consciousness becoming “conscious of… .”

The four serpent heads symbolize the 4 Doctors of Happiness, Diet, Quiet and Movement, our inner guides to living fully each moment.

The moon cycle represents the feminine energies of the ocean, time, movement, meaning and life. If we are seeing the moon from the perspective shown, we are here on earth together.

The sun embodies the coiled serpent, and the expression of the solar deity “Agni, god of fire” who symbolically embodies each of us as our individuality, our willpower, the power to choose and create.

The sun is held in a blue circle, which symbolizes both mind and sublimation (meaning “to rise above”). In fact, you may recall the saying “Attitude determines altitude.”

We know that Dr. Happiness, inspires our use of mind to create our inner-atmosphere. Without atmosphere, we cannot see the light of the sun. Look into space at night, and you don’t see the starlight passing between stars and cosmic bodies… you just see points of light in the blackness.

The atmosphere of our planet reflects photons, causing them to bounce around and “illuminate” the planet for us, and all to see.

I’m suggesting here that “a clear mind is clear sky.”

There are 50 circles with a central dot in each of them in my painting. Gold is a color that symbolizes “wisdom.” The circle with the dot in the middle is a symbol for the soul.

Intuitively, I suspect I’ve symbolized the 50 key people I’m working with for the shared growth of our soul-group. My overall soul-group could contain countless souls, but I feel there are 50 key people with whom I am most specifically and profoundly co-evolving with.

The yellow stars with red that form a cross representing time as the horizontal arm of the cross (and the seven chakras in the vertical of the cross).

Note that once our consciousness rises beyond the seventh chakra, we have a full moon experience. We see what we truly are reflected back to us in the Divine Mirror: No Beginning/No End. It’s all creativity from that vantage point.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my video and blog today.

Thank you for your interest in my life, my family, my legacy and the C.H.E.K Institute.

May we all create beautiful art of our lives, and share love with the planet each day.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek