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November 2, 2011

SLEEP, or constant pains, stimulants and medical drugs?


I hope all of you are in well-being.

I had a great day of meetings, exercise, lovely food and productivity yesterday. I hope you day was fruitful too!

We have a new batch of 16 Exercise Coach students begging their training at the institute today. Janet Alexander is their instructor and I’m sure they will be happy to have such a knowledgeable instructor to guide them in their training.

SLEEP, or constant pains, stimulants and medical drugs?

Most of us lead busy lives and find ourselves coming home after a busy day needing some wind-down time.

Many people also find themselves craving something special, something just for themselves, a little reward for making it through the day after their evening meal.

Most of those special treats contain plenty of sugar and a wide variety of other stimulants and gastrointestinal irritants.

That, while watching your favorite evening shows often leads to getting to bed later than is optimal.


If you get to bed after 10:00 PM, you will cut into your natural sleep cycles, reducing the time you have for body-mind repair; each successive day, you’ll become progressively sleep deprived.

You’ll end up craving more quick energy and our sense of stress rises as we become internally stressed.

To counterbalance, it is common to find yourself reaching for another treat, and needing another show to get into sleep-mode.

Soon, problems that seem removed from the lack of sleep and overuse of stimulants end up as a reason for a doctors visit, or a trip to the drug store to find something to combat you niggling problems.

This cascade continues, unfortunately, until people have much bigger health problems, often resulting in the use of prescription medical drugs.

Soon, the body begins to hurt enough that people find reason not to exercise, which adds yet another layer of insult to the body-mind.

My suggestion is that before anyone gets themselves deeper and deeper into sleep deprivation and over consumption of stimulants and gut irritants, that they develop a healthy sleep hygeine that actually supports them to sleep more.

Did you know that there is a natural dip in our chi flow at 11:00 AM and between 2-3:00 PM?

That’s why that is the best time for a nap. A short nap of only 10 minutes can have amazing regenerative effects, reducing pains and improving mental clarity.

Something more coffee and sugar can’t do, and something drugs never do effectively.

On the weekend, schedule time to do nothing. Make a point to sleep all you need and nap all you need.

My experience is that the regenerating effects are far superior to the other methods so commonly used.

And, it’s simple and free!

Let me know if you follow my recommendation to sleep more if you still need those stimulants?

Enjoy your snoozes!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek