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January 31, 2011


Good morning All!

I hope Today finds your Spirit Well,

I had a lovely day Thursday last week, which began working with my Zero Force Coaching client Sven. We are working on using natural means to ground, guide and help others heal. Sven is developing his own unique identity to share in his practice as a CHEK Holistic Life Coach, which I’m coaching him with.

As part of his training we do rock work together as a means of understanding how elements and shape relate to the elements and aspects of relationships, and how we must find the right fit for each client, which can be a real challenge, as some of you are well aware. Sven, who is a great photographer, took this shot of me feeling the stack he had just built.

I kicked a very complex stack over that I’d built a few days before and challenged Sven to rebuild it. He not only rebuilt it, he did it faster than I built it, which was exciting for me because it signifies that he is truly growing and learning to feel and connect with the elements. GREAT JOB SVEN!

In the image above, you can see three orbs. These orbs are nature spirits; they come whenever there is love and joy to be shared. Whenever we are acting out of our heart, Mother Nature sends conscious helpers to guide and support us. They act through our intuition. They can only be captured on camera by those who are expressing their love. Sven is very good at photographing them. There is an obvious orb in my shadow below my feet, and there is another right at my solar plexus, and another just above my heart.

Whenever I’m coaching or lecturing, or creating from my heart, they come visit. They will often guide my hands and body when I’m doing healing work with clients. I love their help because they always show me how to do things I could never figure out with my ego-mind!

Saturday, one of my original CHEK Practitioners turned professional actor, Csaba Lucas (pronounced “Chuba”) (who actually comes from the same town I grew up in), came to visit me. We had not seen each other in six years so it was lovely to see him; you can learn more about this amazing man here:

Csaba arrived at my house just minutes after I’d finished my longest and most comprehensive rock project.

Csaba took this photo of me on my garage roof showing you my infinity pattern generator.

If you click on the image, and then click on it again once it appears on your screen, you will get a full size image; relax yourself inside and see what you feel happening in your energy field?

My soul guided me to build this formation as a healing gift to all; it broadcasts it’s healing, balancing energy through space, helping all silently. There is a carefully constructed balance of different types of stones that result in generating the right frequencies for general healing. This took me weeks to build, mostly because as it grew taller and taller, it got more and more complex and when putting larger stones on top, it would fall over because of the very intricate balance required to position the stones in high positions.

Each time it fell down, my soul showed me how to make it better, which was fun. Looking at this image with a relaxed mind for just two minutes can balance your bio-rhythms. Give it a try and see what you feel?

I drew this image a while ago, but it is a good image to express what is occurring inside the soul-orbs you see in the photo above and the many images I’ve shared in my blogs. It represents the process of balancing the forces of yin and yang at each level of our being, which is our first love obligation to “self”; we must seek our own healing before we can honestly expect others to heal.


Friday, I was supposed to go to Warner Springs with James Phelps (our Dean of Education at PPS) and Vidya. I didn’t go because I needed some time alone after a very hectic week seeing patients and working to get all my obligations met. I felt sad that I couldn’t be with James and Vidya, yet knew I needed some time to heal myself. I could feel Vidya’s inner-processing as she enjoyed the hot pool at the springs.

“Vidya” actually means “wisdom”. Vidya is a very special person in my life. She manages my business affairs, feeds, and loves me in many ways. She is highly talented in many areas. Like all true love relationships, we tend to bring out both the best, and the worst (shadow) in our partners and ourselves. This is love’s gift so that through love, you can see yourself and become honest as to where your growth potential lies. If you relax yourself as you look at this image, you can meet Vidya in all her complexity and beauty. Enjoy!

Well, that’s my weekend. I hope in some small way sharing my weekend with you helps inspire you to love, learn, grow and heal.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek