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July 31, 2006

July 2006


Since we last touched base, I’ve had the pleasure of going on vacation with my lovely wife. I’ve come to conclude that working is over rated and that I should just stay on vacation! I’m sure you’ve had the experience of going on vacation and about two days before it’s time to “get serious” again, you find yourself saying, “why would I want to go back to work!I like having no schedule!book stores!art galleries!mountains!quiet!good food!visiting friends!Mom, Alex, my son! Actually, I’m working toward taking the grand majority of 2008 completely off. I’m planning on a worldwide tour to study shamanism. I feel, after 23 years experience working with people and their challenges, that shamanism is very underrated. So many people have what could be considered soul loss, leading to pain and unhappiness that I can hardly drag myself to work at the physical level any more. The physical body, while important as our vehicle, is by far the least responsible for people’s pains!it is, itself, being tortured by unhealthy use of mind, the corresponding emotions and all the “God problems” of the world today!

Penny and I drove from the Institute here in Vista, CA to Ashland, OR to visit my mother, her husband Alex and my son, Paul Jr. The drive was amazingly beautiful. Big Sur, through Monterey was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to share photos, but some how, I’ve managed to accidently delete them from my camera. I’m not naturally techno dude!my wife fills those boots!thank God!

While in Ashland, I went to the park, which is stunningly beautiful and very alive with nature, to be with nature and write poetry. In the midst of my morning, even though I’d hiked about a mile up into the park, my lovely little wife somehow managed to use those mountain senses of hers and find me.

As I was hiking back out of the park, I came across this sign on a light post.

I couldn’t help but think of all the people that sit around waiting for Jesus to come save them instead of actually taking part in saving themselves!from garbage food!stinkin thinkin!not exercising!not working on their own personal development!and on and on!Dear God, please bring me a new car!and a flat-screen TV too! As I was walking along experiencing these thoughts, contrasting the behavior of the Jesus will save me people, with that of other teachers such as Zarathustra, Buddha, Yogananda, Lau Tzu, etc!I was simply feeling sad for all the people caught in corporate religion. I was also feeling very sad that the grand majority of Christians have no idea what-so-ever what Jesus really taught or was about. If they did, they surely wouldn’t be voting for George Bush, supporting war efforts, letting their bodies go to pot, and most importantly, they would not feel the need to go to church, nor to “repent”, for anyone that understands Jesus, or God for that mater understands “choice” and learns to simply accept responsibility for being human! As fate would have it, the very next sign I came across!while still on this train of thinking!was “Dead End – No Turnaround.”

I simply laughed out loud thinking, how appropriate would it be to simply put that sign on the front door of any church that preaches that we must “FEAR GOD!”!How very paradoxical such preachings and teachings are, for, clearly, God is only approachable through Love and there is absolutely no need, nor use for “FEAR” on the road to Self-Realization! Fear, damnation, sin, repentance!all that stuff is perfect for people that are still at the stage of early childhood in their development, yet desperately need loving, caring, intelligent parenting to override any need of fear based guidance. Jesus himself said, “By their fruits, Ye shall know them!”. Based on the amount of bloodshed between Christians and Muslems alone, I’d say it’s high-time to reprint the bible and it need only say, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” about 2,000,000 times, since everyone seems to be unable to see the meaning behind the bible story!

While in Ashland, I visited my son, Paul Jr.

He and his friend, Trevor have a great little homemade recording studio way up in the mountains. I worked with Paul and Trevor to record several of my poems and they are working to put music to them. You can see us in the process here.

After five days with my family in Ashland, we drove to Boulder, CO so I could give a lecture at the Boulder Festival.

On the way to Boulder, we stopped for a little break and Penny and I did Tai-Chi.

I gave a lecture titled The Absolute Essence Of Health and Well-being. The presentation was well received, yet, I was once again, saddened to see how many of the people in the conference (including presenters!) were unhealthy healthcare professionals. I was polite in making this point during a roundtable discussion, encouraging the doctors and therapist to take a leadership by example role, and much less of a “do as I say, not as I do roll!”

While in Boulder, Penny and I had dinner with John and Rose, the founders and owners of, the world’s biggest web site for exercise professionals.

I don’t recall the name of the place we ate, BUT, the food was all organic and really great! I know the chef’s name was Joe and their Elk steaks were EXCELLENT!

In Boulder, Penny and I hiked up into Chautauqua Park. Once we got high enough up to get away from the many people out and about in the very hot weather!, we found a lovely picnic table among the trees where I spent the day drawing and writing poetry. After a few hours of introspection, I decided to do some free-form Tai-Chi.

The energy in the rocks was very palpable to my senses so I couldn’t resist the chance to visit them and merge with nature. I’ve used my Tai-Chi Ruler all over the world and have a great world-wide collection of images of me doing this special exercise I learned from Master Fong Ha.

After being in the park from early morning till about 4:00 PM, Penny and I hiked back to the car

so we could get a quick shower, pack and hit the road before it was too late.

We drove home via Los Vegas. Anytime you head away from the ocean, it’s pretty much a given that you won’t be able to find any good, organic, properly made espresso. Since I’m very passionate about my organic espresso making and drinking, and Penny loves hers too!, we carried one of my beautiful little La Pavoni espresso machines,  a grinder and some excellent beans with us. As you can see here, I’m enjoying my morning espresso after working out with kettle bells in the parking lot and having breakfast.

Just as we were coming through the mountains toward Las Vegas, we came to a grinding halt because there were fires all around us on either side of the freeway. You can see the fire here; I took this photo right out the window of Penny’s car as we were driving.

We made it to Los Vegas by about 10:00 PM and stopped at a casino outside of town for the night!it always amazes me to see people just pissing money away in those places! In the morning, I was working out in the parking lot.

As per usual when I travel like this and in short order, I had the hotel grounds crew staring at me and people pulling up asking how do I do it?…meaning, how do I stay so lean and fit at my age (45 in August.), to which I give my patent answer! “I don’t use my stomach as a garbage can and I exercise at least 4 days a week, and, yes, let’s not forget to drink some water too!…

When I workout with kettle bells and Indian clubs on the road, I typically create a circuit of exercises so I can get a killer workout in less than 30:00. While training this hard, I can’t effectively study because I get drenched in sweat and don’t have time to take notes on my rest periods. What I do instead is listen to some of my favorite dance music. I’m sure people think I’m completely nuts when they see me out in the parking lot dancing. Penny caught me dancing away to KC and the Sunshine Band, who I really love.

As I mature and develop my inner being, I have less and less and less attachment to what other people think (not that I ever had much concern in that regard in the first place.

Well, I’ve got MUCH to do. I’m finishing off my second new book in the past month. I’ve written two new books that will be available to you soon. The first one is titled If You Don’t Like Who You Are – You Can Be Who You Wonna Be! The one I’m finishing right now is Paint A Circle Around The Arrow Of Life and Hit the Bullseye Every Time! I’m very excited to be able to share these little books with you. In addition, I’ve got a workshop coming up here at my institute in Vista, CA titled How To Find and Live Your Legacy – PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. This seminar is ideal for anyone from 16 years of age or higher that is ready to take control of their own life and learn how to identify their core values, and live their dreams! Click here If you are interested in learning more,

Until our next visit, I leave you with my Love and my Chi!

Paul Chek