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October 22, 2010

Is Your Purpose Heart Centered?

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever wondered about what the purpose of life is?

This question has been discussed and debated for as long as language has been around. There are many answers ranging from, “there is no purpose to life”, to “the purpose of life is to live!” Well, I certainly favor the latter, but there is, in my opinion, more to life than just living. After all, when you look at the pain and struggles that go hand in hand with living, one could come the realistic observation that just living can be pretty painful.

My life experiences have shown me that the purpose of life is to allow consciousness to experience itself fully. Without the experience of life, all consciousness would be is an infinite storehouse of ideas. Without experience, ideas are essentially dead. For example, you may have the idea that you’d like to see the Great Barrier Reef; no matter how much you ponder, look at books, or even watch videos, you still have no living-experience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Consciousness is what I equate to FIRST LEVEL CREATION. After all, one must first be awake, aware, conscious before one can be conscious of anything. In other words, subject needs object if a relationship is to exist.

Through living, we cultivate relationships with persons, places and things. As we interact, we experience, which equates to learning; experiences synthesized to their essence become wisdom. As one grows through the stages of sex and violence loving to realize that being clear on the conditions improve your chances of enjoyment will be met, life gets sweeter and sweeter. Soon enough, one comes to realize that indeed, even conditions become limitations on one’s capacity to love, create and express authentically. As one matures, the realization that even the most robust contracts are regularly broken, there is a natural letting-go that emerges. Having realized that those ‘ways of being’ that are dogmatic, belligerent, warring, controlling and power hungry that consequently force outcomes that are not as happy as they could be. We know because we see our own (old) self in them, we find empathy and compassion naturally emerging as our love model evolves.

In the state of let-go, our intuition opens, our inner-vision expands and we begin to see greater and greater wholeness emerging; those things that we once hated, the people we once despised suddenly emerge as blessings in our life, for through such experiences and people, we truly learned to be human. Then, often when we least expect it, we wake up in our dream to realize that we have indeed been dreaming all along; we dream at night only to wake up in what we now know is our dream. But this time, we know that our dream is everyone’s dream; what would a dream be like with no one or nothing in it?

Like a flash of lightening, it dawns on us that the purpose of life is to learn how to create effectively – in a way that allows us to live, love, experience and flourish without minimizing everyone’s opportunity of the same joy. Then, because our vision is heart-centered, Mother Nature begins undressing for us; nature spirits, other worlds, disembodied souls and much more become real. Now, we must giggle at ourselves, remembering how many times we poo-pooed people that talked about such things, often labeling them as “crazy”, only to realize that they were indeed, far more sane than we were!

With each opening, we learn to spread our wings and fly. We learn to express ourselves without the need to control, harm, or bully other sentient beings. All this brings us into contact with our true inner-nature, that of the soul. Once we hear the voice of the soul and see it’s beauty and come to know it’s infinite capacity to create, it is as though we are reborn. Now, we are ready to fly.

We realize that the purpose of life on earth is to learn to love and live such that we can nurture beauty everywhere we go. And when it’s no longer an idea, but our reality!we go!off we go to visit the myriad of other beautiful worlds. And when we get there, we know exactly why it is the way it is.

Life is Perfect
Life IS, and
That’s the way it is!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek