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October 19, 2015

Guidelines For Successful Intimate Relationships

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying yourselves and living your dreams each day.

I was very busy this weekend finishing projects to meet deadlines, but did get a little painting in (see below for the story on that).

The project I was working diligently to finish this weekend is my 2 ninety-minute presentations over viewing my 4 Doctor Approach To Athlete Management for the upcoming SWIS Symposium 2015 in Toronto, November 13-14, 2015.

I had a great, productive weekend, and it is lovely to have Penny and Angie home too!

It was amazing to see how much Angie’s tummy has grown in just three weeks. Mana is very active now, and I’ve been getting to feel her doing her gymnastics…she’s already got loads of energy just like her momma.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. Guidelines For Successful Intimate Relationships is the topic of my vblog today.

2. Paul Chek To Present At SWIS SYMPOSIUM 2015 in Toronto, November 13-14, 2015

3. AWESOME New Book On Tennis Conditioning By Leigh Brandon

4. Pump it UP! CP3 Video Inspiration!

5. Angie’s 40th Birthday Celebration

6. Mike Salemi Becomes A Poster Boy

Guidelines For Successful Intimate Relationships

Thich Nhat Hanh on Loving

I have had a great interest in the life teachings of Arnold Patent for many years now, and have worked diligently to apply his Universal Principles in my life and share them with my students (go to:

Many years ago, Vidya attended one of Arnold Patent’s workshops on relationships and purchased the audio recording of his presentation. A couple years ago, she was looking through her audio collections and found the recordings, and offered them to me to study.

I found Arnold Patent’s approach to relationships very grounded, and mature in perspective. He was obviously a very wise, seasoned man with a huge wealth of knowledge and perspective to offer people wanting to understand, and live life more fully.

Today, I share Arnold Patent’s three-step guideline for cultivating healthy long-term intimate relationships. These guidelines are very sound advice, but as you can imagine, most people that get themselves into relationship troubles do so knowing that they are putting themselves at risk at the time anyway.

Human beings are a very complex weave – we combine our “chimp-like” ancestry with our amazing (but often-outrageous) human-like creativity and rebellion.

Arnold Patent gave three essential steps to follow if your interested in having healthy intimate, or long-term relationships:

  1. Establish a healthy friendship
  2. Cultivate a healthy relationship
  3. Enjoy intimacy

In my video blog today, I will help bring some clarity to each of these steps in hopes that you can be more aware of what you are creating in your relationships; you may also come to understand why some of your existing relationships are so challenging too!

I hope you enjoy my video blog today:

Paul Chek To Present At SWIS SYMPOSIUM 2015 in Toronto, November 13-14, 2015

My friend, Ken Kinakin (a highly regarded expert on sports performance and athlete rehabilitation) puts on an amazing conference through the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists.

The SWIS Symposium 2015 offers a lot of excellent presenters covering a variety of topics on athlete injury prevention, athlete nutrition, and performance enhancement. The hotel is nice, reasonably priced, and close to the airport.

I hope to see many C.H.E.K Practitioners and CHEK HLCs there learning from this amazing collection of elite presenters.

My sessions have been jam-packed in the past, and I hear they are filling up nicely this year too. If you are interested in what I’m sharing, here is the overview of my presentations:

In my two, 4 Doctor Approach To Athlete Management presentations, I will:

  • Overview my 4 Doctor athlete management system by teaching you how to relate to an athlete through Dr. Happiness, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement, and Dr. Diet
  • Help you to establish the importance of identifying an effective motive (dream) to keep athletes inspired to learn and grow through the many challenges inherent to elite athletic performance
  • Emphasize the essence of dream-affirmative core values as a means of making critical training, diet and lifestyle decisions
  • Explore functional rest methods and common symptoms of excess fatigue
  • Share methods for knowing when an athlete’s program needs to be modified to facilitate successful outcomes
  • Highlight what areas of an athlete’s body commonly hold prodromal stress thereby “forecasting” challenges that can be avoided through intelligent intervention
  • Give key indicators of when an athlete’s diet may be the primary cause of musculoskeletal, recovery, and performance challenges.

My “Eugene Sandow-like” approach to athlete management is highly practical, and is not the product of intellectually based theories so often derived from overly compartmentalized, often soulless science.

I am looking forward to empowering you with the basic tools to Athletic management.

AWESOME New Book On Tennis Conditioning By Leigh Brandon

tennis 3d

Leigh Brandon is an avid tennis player, a great athlete, and has worked with me as an Instructor for the CHEK Institute for many years now.

Leigh is a very good writer and has now written several great books, so his new book The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual is by no means a novice attempt.

Leigh included me as an author on the book out of love and respect for my work, and because he used the basic format I developed in my book The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual to construct his approach for identifying the weaknesses in any players game, and then correcting those weaknesses systematically.

Leigh is now selling this beautiful, colorful, well illustrated book and running live training programs to master the materials in the book through the C.H.E.K Institute; to order your copy of “The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual” or learn more about Leigh’s live workshops, please go to: The C.H.E.K Institute Store

I asked Leigh to write something about the book to share with you all on my blog, and this is what Leigh gave me to share with you:

“As someone who is passionate about sports conditioning, injury rehabilitation and the game of tennis, this book culminates three of my biggest passions in life. I wrote “The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual” to share the CHEK Approach to preventing and rehabilitating tennis injuries as well as conditioning tennis players of all standards to achieve their movement potential on court. The content in this book when followed, will allow tennis players to hit bigger serves and groundstrokes, moving quicker on court, increase stamina and reduce the chance of injury.

The book is a detailed summary of how I have been conditioning tennis players since 2001. I have incorporated the CHEK Approach to my own conditioning as a tennis player and am playing and moving better than ever on court at the age of 46.

The book offers tennis players, strength coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists and tennis coaches a systematic approach that helps to build a solid base of flexibility and stability, tennis specific strengthening, plus the cherry on top of the tennis conditioning cake – power, acceleration and agility.”

In health & happiness,
Leigh Brandon

T:  0203 239 2470
E:  [email protected]
The Albany Club, Saint Bedes Hall
Little Albany Street, London NW1 4D

If you would like to hire Leigh to professionally asses you and design a rehab or conditioning program to optimize your potential as a tennis player (or resolve those niggling issues that keep you from the peak of your game), you can reach him with the contact information above.

You won’t be disappointed. Leigh is like an Audi engineer with his work, and I’m very proud to have him on my team at the C.H.E.K Institute.

If you do get into a C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program, or attend his Tennis workshops based on the book, I’m very confident you’ll be impressed with him as a presenter, teacher, and amazingly skillful therapist and conditioning coach.

Thank you Leigh for your passion and a job well done!

Pump it UP!! CP3 Video Inspiration!

Matthew Wallden, CHEK Faculty, recently created a video with footage taken from his C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3 courses to inspire the Level 2 students to step forward and reach their skill potential, and I just loved it.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you are a CP2, here is a chance to see what kind of fun things you will get to learn:

Angie’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Angie turned 40 while traveling through Italy with her friend Margaret.

Angie Margaret Penny Florence B day dinner

Penny met them in Florence, Italy to celebrate Angie’s birthday and enjoy the great food and see the sights together.

Angie, Margaret and Penny enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner to celebrate with Angie, and Angie got to blow out a candle too.

Angie's 40th Florence Italy

Turning 40 is a unique experience that we all handle in our own special way. Angie is celebrating a lot in her life, and her biggest birthday gift is growing each day in her womb.

Mana has been very active lately, and since Angie got home, I’ve had the joy of feeling her kicks and wiggles, which is fun.

Angie and Penny really liked the mandala I painted for my friend and client Jason recently, so I took that as motive to create one for each of them. This is the one I created for Angie as a birthday gift.

Angie 40 B Day Mandala

There is a bit of a story to this one though….

It took me most of the day Friday to paint, and I liked the glisten of the wet paint so I thought I’d get a photo of it while still wet.

It was dark by then, so I put it on the floor where there was some light shining. As I was bending over to try and frame the shot with my camera, I saw Maggie (Angie’s dog) as I looked back through my legs and she was walking toward me.

Maggie loves to get involved in EVERYTHING, so I was apprehensive as she walked toward me since the painting was on the floor.

I commanded her to “stop” in hopes of getting the shot…well, she stopped when I asked her to, but as soon as I put my attention back on the camera she walked right between my legs and across the painting!

Needless to say, I had a bubbling sense of frustration, which heightened as she walked around the kitchen with metallic paint all over her feet leaving paw prints everywhere….

Well, I was tired and after cleaning up, I didn’t have it in me to see if I could do anything to restore it; it was quite heavily smudged and jumbled as you can imagine…

Angie was coming home the next day and I had a full day of work to do Saturday so, knowing that Angie has infinite love, empathy and compassion for Maggie, I thought I’d at least show it to her and let her know I’d do another one as soon as I can.

Well, she loved that Maggie “helped me”, and was quite confident that Maggie is giving me preparatory training for when Mana arrives…Ah yes, that…

Well, Angie being the amazing painter that she is, with skills I don’t yet have, said, “You know you could fix that up if you wanted to.”

To that I was surprised. I’d never tried to “fix” a painting before.

With her Inspiration, I spent the time yesterday to see what I could do to restore it to as close as possible to the original.

The one you see above is the restored version, and I left one of Maggie’s paw prints and signed it to Angie as “Love Paul and Maggie”.

Angie was really quite excited with the whole thing, and can’t wait to hang the painting in her bedroom, so I guess it worked out well in the end. It’s amazing what you can learn about patience from a dog.

Mike Salemi Becomes A Poster Boy

MSalemiKB If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’d be familiar with my amazing Russian Kettlebell athlete, Mike Salemi.

We’ve been working together for a good couple years or more now, and have accomplished a lot together.

We were making another run at getting his Masters in the almost impossible 40 KG class, which requires some very grueling training, but it turned out that both Mike and I were juggling a heavy work load, responsibilities, and deadlines.

Mike wisely informed me that he needed to take a break from the intense training for a little while, but that he’d like to do the next scheduled competition as a fun training event.

We both agreed that was a great idea…rushing into an event this intense is a great way to get injured and possibly shorten your career…

It was fun for Mike because as soon as the pressure was off and he took some active rest (lower volume and intensity training), he started feeling strong and performing much better than expected in training.

When the marketing started coming out for the next competition Mike is competing in, Mike was surprised to find that they had made him the poster boy for the competition.

This was fun and exciting for both of us to see, although this is not the first time Mike’s photo has been featured in publications or posters in the past few months.

People at the Russian KB competitions are always surprised to see Mike handling a pair of 40 KG bells with amazing form and fluidity, and he’s been given many great complements from some very elite competitors and coaches.

I’m really proud of Mike and how much he’s grown spiritually through all the rigors of training and competing at a high level, while at the same time working full time and caring for his lovely dog Maya.

Keep up the great work Mike! You are an inspiration to many, and living proof of what healthy 4 Doctor self-management can do for athletes and non-athletes alike!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek