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February 15, 2024

Forgiveness With Christopher Barham

Forgiveness with Christopher BarhamForgiveness is a very hard thing to do.

People have so many personal conditions all wound up into what it means to forgive someone — especially themselves — that the process often stops before it really gets started.

Maybe, they’re stuck with the belief that forgiving means condoning the actions of others (nope) or forgetting the conflict altogether (it doesn’t).

It takes a lot of effort to ignore all of the warnings the Pain Teacher reminds us about 24/7 that forgiveness is a critical step we must take to move ourselves forward and begin to heal.

My recent Living 4D guest Christopher Barham and I talk about this emotionally charged topic of forgiveness, and why people say they want to “let go and let God” (but never get around to doing the actual hard work of acceptance and healing) in this week’s blog/vlog.

Discover what it actually feels like to listen to the Pain Teacher and take the first step forward to let go of the negative emotions that have kept you stuck and start to love yourself again with help from Christopher Barham.


Love and chi,