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April 10, 2011

Fit Pro Loughborough, England

Hello from Fit Pro in Loughborough, England.

Here you can see me teaching my Primal Pattern® workshop at Fit Pro. The students seemed to be very genuinely moved by and interested in learning my Primal Pattern approach.

I had a great interview with Jon from Men’s Health yesterday afternoon. I think he really got an ear-full, he was really blown away by my approach to training and life!

I slept the best yet last night so I’m more ready for giving my two presentations today. My first one is Scientific Balance Training and my second one is How To Work With Medical Professionals.
Penny is doing well working with Gavin and Gabby, our UK International Distributors. They are very busy all day working our booth at the trade show.

Duncan Reeve and his partner, Jenny Delbridge are here helping us as well. They are CHEK Practitioners here in the UK and are also branching out into Switzerland, which is exciting for them and the institute of course.

I love seeing the CHEK Philosophy making its way around the globe! I feel as though we are planting seeds of health and well-being and they are starting to blossom beautifully all over the world!

Well, bye for now and I’ll update you as things unfold.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek