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April 7, 2014

Exploring CHEK Exercise Coach Training Pt 1/3

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Before I get into the topic of Exploring C.H.E.K (CHEK) Exercise Coach Training, I must inform you that apparently, the article Dr. Mercola put out on the FDA banning all raw meat sales was an April fools joke!

Well, he got me on that one too! I am not used to Dr. Mercola using his web site to play jokes on people, so please forgive me for posting “a joke”; I hope I didn’t facilitate stress in your life because it isn’t my usual practice to use my blog to play jokes on people.

A friend forwarded the article to me, and I don’t think they realized it was a joke either. I normally don’t post anything until I’ve read it, and thought that because it was referred to me as so many “issues of concern are” almost daily, that it was legitimate.

The sad thing is that based on all the jokes the government and big corporations play on us regularly, I was not at all surprised, particularly after reading Mike Adam’s recent article about foods being engineered to diminish life…

So, please accept my apology for posting an April fools joke. Second of all, I’ll be sure to take the time to read every word of articles forwarded to me in the future before sharing them.

As for Dr. Mercola’s use of his site to play jokes on people…I’d suggest next time he inform everyone that he’s had a sex change and now eats at MacDonald’s every day instead of wasting time for busy people who trust his opinion enough to read an entire article (and may miss “Happy April Fools Day” at the very end in small type) and risk being concerned over such important social issues.

Exploring CHEK Exercise Coach Training Pt 1/3

Exploring Chek EC blk bd
This week, I’ll be sharing a series of three vlogs that share some of the many practical methods and concepts you can all learn by attending the C.H.E.K Institute’s Exercise Coach training program (CEC).

I designed the CEC program to be holistic so that people wanting to master exercise and exercise program design would understand how other life factors can influence exercise readiness.

The CEC program is my entry-level program, beginning the journey that progresses to CHEK Levels 1,2,3 and 4.

Most students take about four years to complete this journey, but unlike most institutional programs, you work and practice as you go through the CHEK Institute programs.

Therefore, my programs are much more practical because you learn blocks of training and then spend as many months as you need to master the materials before moving forward.

The CEC program is based on “Principles”. There are no recipe cards given; no programs designed specifically for fat loss, basketball, football, or soccer…

I teach the essential need for individuality in all my programs. CEC gives each student the skills and tools to identify each client’s dream/goal/objective, and design a holistic exercise program that takes them safely in carefully progressed states from where they are at that time to where they ultimately want to go.

In my vlog today, I share the Principle of Progressive Integration.

I will take you through the stages of progressive integration I developed many years ago based on the science of how the body works.

There are four stages each client should move through if they want to go all the way from flexibility to power conditioning. They are:

1. Flexibility

2. Stability

3. Strength

4. Power

The first two stages are essential components of postural restoration. In my presentation today, I share how the two primary muscle systems of the musculoskeletal system (tonic and phasic) relate to posture.

I explain that we have two classes of posture that must always be considered:

1. Static Posture: Static posture is how you hold yourself up in static situations, such as being seated at a desk, or when standing in line at the store.

2. Dynamic Posture: The function maintaining optimal postural alignment once movement is initiated.

I describe how static postural faults can easily begin disrupting dynamic postural range and control. I give examples such as being a painter or a tennis player to exemplify my points in this regard.

In the postural section, I also describe how tonic and phasic muscles influence posture due to faulty loading, leading to muscle imbalance syndromes.

I give the ideal measurements for spinal curvatures (32˚-35˚) and show how muscle imbalance syndromes alter normal spinal curvatures leading to a variety of challenges for the body-mind.

I also explain what the strength and power phases are, and why it is very important that the previous stages not be missed if injury and performance plateaus are to be avoided.

If you would like to learn more about my C.H.E.K Exercise Coach program, please feel free to visit: CHEK Institute/Education

1. How To Eat Move And Be Healthy! Book
2. Sci Back Training Correspondence Course
3. Sci Core Conditioning Correspondence Course
4. Movement That Matters Book
5. Gym Instructor Series DVD set

Congratulations CHEK Instructors Jator Pierre and Angie Lustrick!

Jator's Card
Jator Pierre  has just finished qualifying as a CHEK HLC 1 Instructor and will be teaching his first class in San Francisco this upcoming weekend. Please join me in sharing gratitude for all the hard work Jator has done to become a qualified instructor for the CHEK Institute.

It is not an easy task, I assure you! Jator has demonstrated a high level of personal, professional and spiritual mastery throughout the years I’ve trained him, and I’m very excited to see Jator out there sharing his love and wealth of personal experience.

Those of you in Jator’s class are in for a real treat!

Have Fun Jator! I feel blessed to have you sharing my legacy Bud!

Angie Chek Red
Congratulations Angie Lustrick for qualifying as a C.H.E.K HLC 2 Instructor!

Angie has a lot of prior training that she brought into the Chek Institute training programs. She’s got a degree in biology, a degree in Energy Medicine, and a degree in Nutrition, and is a practicing shaman/healer. She’s practiced with a mix of personal training and nutritional counseling for many years, and has mastered the integration of her prior training and life/coaching experiences, making her a great, skilled HLC 2 Instructor.

This weekend, Angie will teach her first HLC 2 in England. She’s got a full class and she’s ready to share all her love and wisdom with her students.

If you are one of the students fortunate enough to be in class with Angie, get ready for the learning experience of a lifetime! I wish I could be there too.

Have Fun Angie! You are a blessing to my legacy and I’m glad it is yours too!

Travel Balance
I created this mandala to help Angie balance her energy fields under the stress of jet-lag; teaching is much harder when making international journeys.

I thought I’d share it with all of you to try for yourself. This mandala can help anyone that is overheated, tired, sleep deprived, or hormonally imbalanced.

To see how it feels for you, just double click on the image and look at it for seven minutes upon rising in the morning, and before bed in the evening. The mandala effects will be enhanced if you view it in a dark, or dimly lit room.

Your gaze should be relaxed; don’t try focusing on any one aspect of the mandala, or even try to figure out what’s in it. Just relax and allow the light from it to enter your eyes and body.

Feel how energy moves in, around and trough you as you look at it. In the beginning (not during a balancing session), you can look at your screen as usual, then bring it up and see what changes inside you; then click off of it and see again what occurs inside.

This is a good practice to learn to feel subtle energies and subtle energy flows by the way.

Well, that’s it for me today.

I hope you all enjoy my vlog today. I intend to post part 2 on Wednesday, and part 3 on Friday.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek