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February 22, 2011



I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Brain~Mind Balance series we completed yesterday.

It is my dream that you can find some comfort in knowing that there is a purpose to life – to gain “conscious” Union with ALL that you are. As we become progressively more conscious, we are also more conscious in the afterlife for a very simple reason. To truly become conscious means to cultivate a mind with thoughts and feelings based in love, not fear. Fear is a force of separation or division; when you are afraid of an angry dog, you naturally want separation from it. When for thousands of years, children have been raised to “Fear God” – for if you don’t follow God’s rules, you will burn in hell and/or suffer eternal damnation, the very thought of meeting God insights tremendous self-judgment and contact anxiety! Which is very sad.

When our physical body dies, we come face to face with the Truth of ourselves. Because the soul is the light of Unconditional Love, it can only illuminate your thoughts, for how else could you be conscious of anything? Dying is like entering a deep dream-state.

Just as you dream beautiful dreams, or scary dreams, which is largely based on what’s in your mind, death’s dream can only express what’s in your mind. One with healthy development of their Awareness-soul has developed a love-based consciousness and is capable of questioning any thought for it’s ability to create love. Therefore, when they enter their conclusion dream, they are capable of giving themselves empathy and compassion and are unafraid of The Light of The Divine. In that state, they have no reason to become unconscious.

If you reflect for a moment on all the times you’ve seen people pass out – become unconscious at the sight of a famous rock star like Michael Jackson, or a famous preacher, or authority figure like a president, you will have some idea of the power of perceived power.

Now, imagine how much of a shock such people would get when coming face to face with God? With the realization that they are one with the creative impulse of the Universe itself!

One who’s mind-structure is built largely on fear-based thinking and beliefs is likely to immediately judge themselves to the degree that their actions have been exclusion-based. For example a Christian or Jew that supports war efforts against Muslims or vice versa must take responsibility for their creations, as is the case with all our actions, regardless of religious ideology.

Death brings the realization that the entire Universe is ONE, a living Being. We realize that any actions that go against life are essentially Self-negating. Out of love, those who have chosen to live our of fear naturally want to regain connections to those they did not love, for they realize that those are the beings and people that needed their love the most!

That said, I’d like to share my own experience in this regard, for I have memory of several such encounters.

In my drawing above, you see me going through the death experience. The boat I’m sitting in represents the boat that takes you across the River Of Life; you can see this depicted in many Egyptian and other cultural writings on death. You see me trying to take my head off. This signifies how each of us separates body from mind at death. Though your physical head dies with your body, what doesn’t diet is the energy bodies/fields that you may be familiar with as your astral/emotional and mental bodies. These carry the entangled charges of your judgments and desires. Your judgments and desires condition Unconditional Love in much the same way that the image on a slide conditions the light being projected through it; what you see on the screen of your mind reflects the images stored in your field just as the images on a movie screen reflect the images stored on the film.

If during your life review, you are capable of letting go of your ego-mind and completely trusting your Awareness-soul (or Spirit-Soul) to guide you, you will give yourself empathy and compassion, knowing that you did the best you could with the circumstances you were given. To the degree that you let go and let God, you stay in the support of Unconditional Love.

By approaching death that way, you are able to stay “conscious”. Being conscious allows you to consciously co-create your next life-journey. It is as though we are each given a chance to both write our own story and contribute to the story of life with our story. Remaining conscious, we can act out of our light and all situations and experiences we’ve had, and would like to have are illuminated in consciousness.

Those that are fear-based in their consciousness (mind) experience something akin to a shockingly real dream, but this time, you can’t “wake up” and regain your composure because you’ve lost your body that once woke up in bed to regain composure and celebrate the fact that you were “just dreaming.” This darkness appears to such people as though it were a force external to them because they have largely externalized their fears and judgments and projected them on others. This is the true meaning of evil, yet, with honest introspection, one comes to the understanding that because God IS Unconditional Love, there can be no evil other than that which we write into our stories and inject into the stories of others.

What one may realize here is that evil simply means separation from the truth of life.

Whenever we’ve been innocently affected by the negative thoughts, words and deeds of others, the Universe absorbs the karma (action~reaction) and we are shown the love that supports us through all such experiences. If we consciously acted toward self or other in any life-negating way, we must take full responsibility for our actions. We do this by writing corrections into our next chapter of life. With each life, we get better and better at writing love stories.

Once one cultivates consciousness of/in their Spirit-Soul, they have become enlightened and no longer find themselves on the wheel of samsara, or life and death. Such beings choose to enter the life-story to help others that, out of honest ignorance, and conditioning, have become trapped in the play!

So, hopefully you can see my motives for not only the blog series I’ve just shared with you, but all the teachings I’ve developed. Look carefully at all the articles, audios, books, and courses I’ve developed and you will find the underlying themes to be in concert with what I’ve just shared with you. Nothing in my teachings is “fad-based”. Everything I teach is about learning to love and respect yourself as the only legitimate offering to life itself. My teachings are largely based on my own journey to self-healing, which I’m constantly learning myself.


Today I begin filming a new series of 25 short videos outlining what I feel is necessary for any exercise or healthcare professional to understand if they are to reach their potential as an offering to self and others. This series will be available at I hope you all get to see it there. The video lessons will all be 10 minutes or less and can be thought of as both short lessons and meditations. I’m very excited to share the basics to the best of my ability so that we can all move toward a healthier, well-integrated system of helping each other heal and write better, more loving stories.

Enjoy your day and remember to examine your motives and take responsibility for the life you create!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek