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February 28, 2011


Hi There and happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine!

Friday I took the day off to rest at home after several days of filming my new series for titled, The Absolute Essentials Of Personal Training. Gary Crozier is my most excellent film crew. Gary founded and built for us. Gary and I have done many successful projects together and I always enjoy working with him. He’s one of the people that I’ve worked with for many years that truly, authentically understands and lives the CHEK teachings to their fullest, so it’s always fun to share life-experiences in that regard with Gary.

Friday night, we had some very strong wind and rain. There were times the whole house was shaking and I was waiting to hear the crash of stones falling. Many of the stone formations I build are not built for strength like one would build a wall or building. As you know, when building such structures, concrete or other binding agents are used to keep stones in place. Most of my work is art and the stones are carefully placed and chosen for their bio-electric effects. They are in “circuits” and like a circuit board, they are often fragile constructions. When I woke up Saturday morning, Vidya told me that she heard a loud crash in the night and that it was my Infinity-Pattern generator that had fallen. I thought, well, what a great chance to create something new! So, that’s what I did.

Cultivating Awareness Through Experience

While I was working on my project, a neighbor stopped by and she expressed her concern that I would get hurt working with exposed hands and feet. She said, “If I were doing that, I’d have thick gloves and steel-toed boots!”

I explained that such protection would allow me to become complacent and loose consciousness of my relationship to the stones and the life under my feet. I explained to her that humans have become so accustomed to being protected from everything that they have forgotten how to feel and respect life and themselves; abuse of medical drugs is just one of many such examples.

An example that comes to mind is when I was a martial artist and we wore pads, you could get away with all sorts of silliness that you wouldn’t be likely to try if you had no protection. Fighters that train all padded up often get a very inflated sense of their power. When they end up acting silly in a bar and have to defend themselves without their pads, many of them wake up in a hospital and have no idea of how they got there! I also remember when I played rugby in school. After playing American football and being all padded up, I forgot just how much it hurts to make contact without pads. Ruby is a sport that requires much more awareness because inflicting pain on your opponent can be disastrous to you as well.

In the picture you see above, I’m wearing a glove on my right hand. That’s because the Friday morning of our first day of zen In The Garden I was repairing my infinity generator to make it stronger and safer to be around since there would be students in the garden. I was lifting some very large stones into place that morning. I had just put a stone of about 110-130 pounds in place and needed to slide it to the right about two centimeters. I had to slowly and carefully lift and slide to get the fit just right. Because the stones were wet, all the sudden it just shot over and bashed into the next stone. Unfortunately, my little finger was in the way and I split my finger in half, just like squashing a grape! I was brought into full awareness at that moment! I’ve torn my feet open, exposing tendons and the inner-workings a few times as well!

Each time, I’ve become a little more aware – aware that being rushed is a painful, unproductive way of creating in my life! I have found that working with stones is all about relationships. I have found that everything I’ve learned about myself with the stones shows me how I can do better in all my relationships.

Here you can see a picture I took of my feet standing on the center stone in my new creation. This is my new meditation spot. In the other image, you can see me working barefoot while positioning stones. In this photo, I’m about half way through with the project, which took two solid days of work to complete.

In this photo, you can see the inner-spiral. The outer wall spirals into the center; the round white stone where I stand to meditate represents the seed of yang in yin. In the top left corner of the image, you can see how the stones diffuse the light so you can see the beautiful color separations.

In the next photo Vidya took of me working, you can get a real sense of how the trees and stones interact with the sunlight; each living entity draws the light-nutrition it needs from the sun.

In this photo you can see the finished project. What you can’t see well is the male aspect of the tai-chi generator. Behind the stone circle you see is another one about half as wide and just as tall but solid in construction with just a small hole down the center, like a giant penis. The black lava stones you see in the back-top are actually connected to the masculine aspect and are at the same time part of the open, womb-like feminine aspect of the tai-chi generator. Where you see the front wall spiraling downward, it curves inside and spirals like a coiled snake, accumulating a very significant charge of Ki (chi generated by natural materials or nature). The large gray stone at the front is a step I have to use to climb through the crack so I can get into position to meditate. I also use these stone configurations to charge my water with life~force.

The last two photos show the archetypal patterns in the etheric light. I’ve shared this sort of image several times before but thought I’d share these because the energy of the stones is the strongest I’ve ever constructed, which really brings out the hidden dimensions in the light. In the one that looks like the shape of a man with the sun as his head, if you look below on the stone, you will see an apple. That’s the apple insignia on my iphone being reflected back onto the stone. I bring this up to highlight the fact that this mineral-based reflection is exactly how the sunlight makes it to you from the moon! When sunlight hits the moon, it is changed by the minerals to become yin-light, which unlike sunlight, has a cooling, anabolic, integrating effect on the body-mind, which is just as important to all life as sunlight is. We just don’t think about it as much as we do the sun because we are usually inside or asleep at night.

The key message I wanted to share today is that in relationships, if we leave ourselves “bare”, we are generally more motivated to be aware of what we say and do. Usually, if we are hurting ourselves, we are hurting others as well. By learning from our wounds, we become aware that we can choose differently next time.

I feel that I choose better each time as I become more aware in my rock garden. I’m also more and more aware that I’m more productive and create more beautiful creations if I simply take my time and become fully present.

When I’m in a no-mind (intuitive) state, I’m being guided by my soul and the rocks chosen and the way they fit so beautifully is, I can honestly say, far beyond what I could do if I were in my thinking-mind.

I’ve learned to slow down and instead of always trying to use my head or ego-mind to create and solve problems in relationships, I’ve become better at allowing myself to feel what the other or what I need before acting. This way, I don’t need a helmet, gloves and steel-toed boots to endure my personal and professional relationships and life is more and more fun as I learn too!

Enjoy your day in awareness.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek