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November 3, 2014

Creating Balance In Your Life & Masaru Emoto Has Passed Away

Happy Monday!

I’m getting ready to head to Toronto on Wednesday to teach HLC1 with Angie Lustrick. The class has filled up nicely, and we are both excited to share our love and life experience with our students.

I’m always amazed at the body-mind transformations HLC1 students share and show when they come to HLC2. It reinforces my reason for being who I am and the gift of my legacy.

Angie is an amazing presenter with a wealth of experience as a CHEK Practitioner, HLC Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Shaman, so I can’t wait to feel the blessing of both of us sharing at the same time!

We are both really excited to co-teach HLC 1 in Toronto together and late last week, we got together to harmonize with our students through intuitive access to Spirit.

We opened our hearts to the souls of each of the students coming to this special event, and asked them to share what they needed at this time in their lives.

We asked that they inspire us in the creation of a mandala to symbolize the event and communicate to us and the other students.

HLC 1 Toronto Mandala PC and AL 10-31-14

The mandala we created for the event is shown above. We are both excited because as of the beginning of last week, there were only about a dozen spots left before the class is full.

If you would like to gain the knowledge to rapidly, and easily transform your life and body to match your dream. If you would like to register for this special event before it is sold out, there is no better place to be than HLC1 in Toronto Novermber 7-9, 2014.

Today, I will share my vblog on creating balance in your life. Then, we will take a moment to celebrate the life and contributions of Masaru Emoto.

I’ll finish by sharing a recent piece of art I created after a day with Elliott and Eric Hulse.

Creating Balance In Your Life

It is safe to say that most people have a hard time finding balance in their life today.

We are so highly conditioned to seek immediate gratification, while at once being slave to doing what we think we have to do instead of doing what we really desire to experience in our lives.

Joseph Campbell does a great job of explaining how people get trapped in the hum-drum of societal living, as does Carl Jung and many other legitimate experts.

Jung and Campbell both emphasize the essential function of a myth (a story) as a means of integrating us into society, as well as helping us to create meaning in our lives in the face of the great mystery of the universe and what it is all about.

Our dreams are what inspire us to change our story so that our experience of life is fulfilling and had meaning.

Unlike the animal mind, the human mind (brain in this case) has a huge cerebral cortex, and a powerful frontal lobe. These regions of the brain give us the ability to think with, and deal with “possibilities” through the use of imagination and intuition.

Though we share the need for routines that create a sense of safety and security with animals (waking, meal times, activities to meet our needs, play time, and sleep time), we can easily find ourselves board with routines that don’t exercise our creativity.

When an individual’s life becomes too predictable, there is often an underlying sense of angst; we get a strong sense that we are living without living.

If we are not careful, we begin medicating the pains of a stifled creativity with addictions to food, drugs, emotional outbursts, other people, exercise, money, material possessions, and more…

This is the price of allowing your life to become an automated process; corporations love this problem because the predictability of humans makes it easy to sell them on anything that gives a glimpse of “something new”, or “something to make your life easier”…

What occurs more often than not is that people start “dreaming with credit cards”, only to find themselves surrounded by junk they bought, but both not feeling better and having the progressively greater pressures of financial drain – the rat runs harder and harder on the social treadmill until it creates a disease – a socially acceptable “break from it all”…

Creating Balance In Your LIfe Blk Bd
At the top of my board diagram, above the triangle with the tai-chi symbol in it, you see “DREAM”, with “NIGHTMARE?” under it.

Our dreams can be thought of as the necessary attractor factor that works in psychic space – in the realm of possibilities.

It is here, in dream-world, that we begin to construct an idea and build upon it. If our dream is to be a mother, or father for instance, we “imagine what our child would look like – what experiences we’d like to share with our child – what our child will grow up to be”, and much more.

In the dream-space, we both look at what we have now, and at all the possibilities of what we can create and have in the future.

In essence, this is no different a process than we use to come up with, and plan a dream vacation.

First, we decide what kind of environment we’d like to be in. Then we begin imagining what places we could afford to visit that provide the experience we are dreaming of.

Then we start scanning the web for places with those characteristics. When we find one, we usually feel an emotional surge, a sense of connection to the possibility as real.

To the degree that we are truly invested in experiencing our dream, we begin to both emotionalize and energize our dream.

Because dream-space is both individual (your dream of being a parent or having a nice vacation), and collective (everyone else that dreams of parenting or vacationing).

This is necessary because most all our dreams require the support of others who’s dream is to provide a specific component of our dream; the husband wants to be a father and his partner dreams of being a mother; you dream of having a beautiful vacation in a beautiful resort and someone else is living their dream of providing a beautiful resort (for you and others) in a beautiful place – we need each other, making collective dream-space essential.

We naturally realize that there are necessary changes to be made if our dreams are to be realized, experienced as a reality in our life.

To the degree that we are motivated, we begin making necessary changes, such as saving money, getting in better shape, studying maps or books about the area, or “parenting”.

We tune our consciousness to all the relevant elements of our dream, and like magic, they start appearing all around us. We have become “attracted to the elements of our dream and energize them.”

When we are feeling bored, or stuck in our life, we often feel heavy inside, and/or have pains that express the state of our internal energies. We may feel this way for years on end…but finally, we can’t take the pain any longer.

My experience is that people in this state have a hard time dreaming because they are in stress-mode, which antagonizes creative thinking.

At this point, I find it easier as a therapist to draw motivation from the “nightmare” or major obstacle to creating and living our dreams – the way we want to live.

The nightmare represents the point of maximum energy drain in your life – the obstacle that once removed, frees an abundance of energy to activate our dreamer.

The nightmare is much easier for stressed individuals to focus on because it is very rational and logical to “remove the thorn that is obviously in one’s foot so-to-speak” than it is to imagine “another foot without a thorn and hoping it will grow”.

Once we are patterned into living in a way “we don’t want to live”, it can be very hard to change our ways, and doing so requires a commitment to self-awareness.

The triangle diagram with the tai-chi symbol in it represents how life-force flows from “dream-space” into relational space or our perceived physical reality.

The left side of the triangle represents the extreme negative polarity (the negative expression of essential dream values or qualities), and the right side represents the extreme positive expression of such qualities.

In the middle, directly below the tai-chi symbol, you see a dotted line with an arrow coming down into the tangible world of our relationships to self and others, or persons, places and things.

The two dotted lines on either side of “the middle way” represent the most efficient path to the creation of our dreams.

By plotting your dream at the top of such a diagram, and then listing the key qualities in which awareness and action are needed to embody our dream effectively, we are in position to explore the polarities of such stated qualities.

By being a ware of the extremes of each quality, we allow ourselves to be more conscious of when we are acting out programming that can be antagonistic to our dream, reducing the changes of experiencing it as a reality.

For example, anyone wanting to be a parent should have “love” as their highest intention for their child. But love has definite polarities of expression, ranging from apathy as an extreme negative expression, to over-loving or smothering our child with love as the extreme positive.

Either extreme increases the probability that our child will be ineffectively parented, and therefore, unprepared for the realities of the world.

In my vlog today, I take you through several relevant examples of how to recognize the polarities of our dream/nightmare qualities as a means of consciously choosing to act in ways that are dream-affirmative.

I finish by sharing 4 tips for creating balance in your life.

I hope you find my vlog enjoyable and useful in your life.

To help you stay true to your “Dreamline” I offer you a tool that I created that I found extremely helpful to myself and clients. How To Follow Your Dreamline Audio is based upon a webinar I did a few years ago; it also comes with a pdf mapping system.

The process I’ve shared is one I’ve used extensively in my own life and it has helped me through challenging times, and has helped me have confidence in my ability to convert challenges into beautiful opportunities and experiences.

I hope you have the same experiences as you commit yourself to a higher, more focused expression of your dream-awareness!

Masaru Emoto Recently Passed Away

masaru emoto

He was famous for showing us all that our thoughts and words had profound, objective influences on water (the material realm). He was both a scientist, and a deeply spiritual man.

I have studies a lot of his work, including books, audios, DVD’s, and attending a lecture with him live.

I always felt his love of life, the earth, and humanity.

He was an enlightened man whose legacy will live on in all of us who embody his beautiful message of conscious awareness of what we create individually and collectively. He showed us beautifully that the message of the water is our messages to ourselves.

Emoto showed us that how we think and emote has objective effects on our physical reality (through the use of water crystal demonstrations).

Though I will miss him here in the world with us, I have a great sense of joy and peace knowing that he was developed spiritually enough to know that he was not “to die”, but to be reborn again in a world that beautifully mirrors his personal myth to him as his next reality.

I know from feeling, and being in the presence of his love, that his myth is one full of love. I can imagine no better dream-space for such a beautiful man to live on than the one he shared with me, you, and the world.

Blessings of Love and Blissful Freedom to Masaru Emoto. Ah Ho Great Spirit!

Day of Healing with Elliott and Eric Hulse

A couple days before starting HLC 3 at Hidden Valley Resort in Valley Center, I had the joy of spending a day with two amazing men, Elliott and Eric Hulse.

Elliott is famous for his teachings in the worlds of strength training, personal development, holistic lifestyle coaching and is a great leader to masses of young men in the world today.

Eric is an amazing school teacher who had inspired his children to live their 4 Doctors each day, and to grow their own food and eat organically.

The amount of love expressed by these special men is amazing, and beautiful to be witness to.

I invited them to spend a day with me and Vidya here in Heaven as my way of saying “Thank You” for being so proactive in helping make the world a better, more beautiful place for everyone.

Lots of people talk, talk, talk about the problems of the world, but these guys make change happen for the better every day of their lives.

After a nice session doing some stonework, and then drumming for quite a while in the stone circle we created as our “sacred space”.


We each created our drum rhythms and harmony together.




Eric and Elliott are fantastic students, and I enjoyed sharing while answering deep questions about love and life!


Often I’ll ask my clients to create a mandala and healing intention that represents “I AM” as a starting point for self-transformation. Below are Elliot’s and Eric’s mandalas.



Later, we all painted together and each expressed such beautiful transformations!


Elliott’s painting above represents his vitality and energy for life and sharing his love and wisdom.


Eric really balances his life at the center of Love, and with that balance is able to transform his past and step into the man he’s becoming.


Vidya connected with both Elliott’s and Eric’s energy to reflect their heart gifts while creating stability with Love’s unbound expression.

Two or more gathered

I painted the picture above of us all drumming in the stone circle.

After they left, I had the vision of The Universal Man (Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, OSHO, etc) emerging from the collective conscious of the three of us together. I painted it to show the feelings of deep connection I have to Elliott, Eric, and life itself. I feel that they feel the same way.

Thank you for joining me on the journey from HLC1 through HLC3 over the past few years Elliott and Eric. I feel a more complete man because of your presence in my life.


Love Unites PC and AL 10-30-14
While resting after HLC 3 last week, I had the urge to paint. I felt the need to create the background from two shades of purple, but then found myself in a state of emptiness when I went to paint something on the background.

I waited a couple days in hopes that the Art Spirit would deliver the inspiration, but what came instead was the message, “take the painting to Angie’s house when you go and do something with her.” So, that is what I did.

We always seem to inspire creativity in each other, and after some time together harmonizing, the Art Spirit showed up. This is what we created together. It was great fun.

I loved what came through because I wasn’t in the mood for painting something that required a lot of mental focus (I’m still learning loads about how to paint…). The theme of our painting is “Love Unites”.

We hope you enjoy it and that you feel inspired to let the Art Spirit work through you.

I always feel great when I paint, and when I walk through the Heaven House looking at the many paintings I’ve created with my friends and clients over the past couple years. Don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to play!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek