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July 16, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

I hope you have been enjoying the Tao-Te-zen lessons I’ve been sharing since CHEK Level 4 started.

I’ve been getting in some good, quick workouts at lunch each day, so I’m happy to be teaching at home where I can have a real gym and take care of my bodily needs.

It’s also great to be here and have Vidya’s food instead of road food!

My students are EXCELLENT! This is the best prepared group of CHEK Level 4 students I’ve ever had the joy of teaching.

As my teachings have changed to include more of the metaphysical and psychological aspects of healing over the past ten years, I unfortunately had students coming through the program that were unable to open themselves to the concept of a Unified Tao.

It is a BIG responsibility to truly help people get to the roots of their pain and dysfunction. Doing so requires a therapist with an open-mind and open Love Philosophy, accepting all people regardless of creed, class, religious beliefs, etc.

My students in this group came well prepared with a good understanding of anatomy, physiology, chakras, and energy healing basics. They are also very open to understanding belief systems from around the world, making them a real joy to teach.

Each morning we begin with a chi cultivating session. I’ve been focusing their morning training on the practice of obtaining the full breath.

Here you can see me and my students practicing a simple form of tai-chi based on the full breath and letting the body guide you to a natural unwinding. The students caught onto this method quickly.

Here you can see me teaching my students how to fully utilize their diaphragm so they can get maximum pumping of body fluids and restore motility to their internal organs.

My mother, Meera Censor is here to teach Nonviolent Communication (NVC). This is a much needed practice in our time of social and human development. My mother is a very skilled NVC teacher and the students, Vidya, and I have really enjoyed the teachings.

We have focused primarily on how to give empathy without judgment. NVC teaches that all judgments are expressions of unmet needs. We are practicing hearing what the person that may be judging us is expressing as their unmet needs.

It is much easier to find common ground with others when we are brave enough and willing enough to be present with their needs. Quite a practice I assure you ☺.

Here you see me teaching my students how to assess the energy field and body for imbalances in the flow of chi (life-force energy).

I’m demonstrating a technique I developed that uses a padded drumstick. It operates on similar principles as most tapping methods used today, but the overall structure and method are quite different than the typical tapping methods.

As I tap, I’m balancing the energy field of Hanna’s brain.

The class has been a real joy for me to teach. I love my students and we are all having a great time.

My students are excellent examples of what a CHEK Practitioner represents. They are all fit and take responsibility for their own body-mind health.

It gives me great joy to see them living the CHEK Principles so beautifully!

I’m taking the day off to get a massage and let the students play on the beach and relax before we go into another four days of intensive learning.

Please enjoy my Tao-Te-zen message today.

Sun Is Caliph

Sun eats and illuminates horizons.
The sun’s face lights and shadows your own.

Sun is caliph, ruler,
Yet you wear his crown.

The water likes to fall.
Sun is the rising,
The bubbling of every well.

TAO-TE-zen practice is the marriage of fields infinitely one,
Yet perceptively not the same.

The sun’s perfection is its light,
Which is in your life and will shine forever.

TAO-TE-zen practice is living as the sun, caliph,
Yet as you enlighten self in relationship with other,
zen gives away the crown.

To live zen, practice sitting in an empty throne,
Giving love and life to each and everyone.

That is zen.

The empty throne is unconditional love. Know that we are all one. The more divine-like we become, the more of a silent lover and a silent teacher we become.

The greatest teacher is the silent teacher, and the greatest lover, is the silent lover.

I encourage you to experience, explore, share and become aware. Take notice when you are putting yourself in a position of caliph and know that each time you do, you are creating rank and order.

When you create rank and order, there is someone higher and someone lower – a winner and a loser. Is that what we really want to do?

When zen knows the truth is not mind, that is Maya – illusion. It is no mind. Samadhi, and finally, Nirvana – Extinction.

Blow out the flame and go to sleep. Sleep for an eternity – a minute or a million years feels just the same when you’re sleeping.

Zen knows that we’re all headed for a sleep, so feel free to give the crown away and let others have some fun too.

That is zen.

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Love and chi,
Paul Chek